Which one is more important? Career or Relationship?

Which one is more important? Career or Relationship?

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Thirteen is when the teenage starts and nineteen is when the teenage ends. However 18 is when one gets partially grown (aka adult) and starts thinking about career. Most are not even sure what to do with their careers. And twenties is when one is almost grown and our peers and families have a lot of expectations from us.

Career age (our twenties) is such a sensitive period of time when one has to figure out (his entire life) as to what to do with life? To be or not to be in a relationship? To work or not to work in this field? With such pressure one often feels the need to get into a relationship.

The choice to choose between relationship or a career is extremely an individual’s personal decision with no force to believe what is written here. Everybody has a different perception.

A career would give you a sense of your self worth and help you fulfill your expenses and dreams which will make you feel great and better about yourselves some even create their identity around their careers.

While some find having perfect relationships as their reason of living. They measure their success and value around their perfect home life and awards children/ siblings get and love and respect members around give them.  Their life revolves around people.

Some have also mastered both by having a good work life balance.

Many people have different reasons to get into a relationship.

Here are some of them:

  • Some will follow the crowd. You have a girl friend/ boy friend. See I also got one now. So the hunt is on and they feel so cool about it.
  • Some want a relationship to cope up with life. Mental and social support. They don’t have financial problems. There are 99 problems and money solves 78 of them!
  • Some even want it for physical support, they call it need. Some even have fu*k buddies and they feel cool about it.
  • Some have a very low self esteem so they fall for anyone to feel better about themselves when a more pretty/ beautiful/ handsome person (well look wise) than them, agrees for a relationship!
  • Some even want a friend for life.
  • For status – yes I meant status in the society!

Mostly people who find dependency on someone for any issue which they do not want to sort it on their own; fall for relationships easily. Relationship is mostly a two way dependency. Need for need often known as love and most of us are already a victim of it. Yes, VICTIM! It’s not a crime but yes some fall prey/ victim to it when it does nothing to you but waste your time, efforts, energy, money and everything that you could do good about yourselves. Sometimes it turns out to be your deepest and biggest regret too. Because some would only be there for you till you are passing their time or till you are beneficial to them.

Here is why you should focus on career than a relationship.

  • Saves your time.
  • Saves your energy.
  • Saves Money- live your dreams.
  • Saves you getting a nervous breakdown. You won’t have to keep re-evaluating your worth based on someone’s acceptance.
  • You are the master of your own life. You can always find time being a better version of yourselves.
  • This is the time when you can be more focused and build your career and choose the life you want to live because, after you settle there will be many things you will have to take care of based on necessities.
  • Your Love may leave you when you want to curl them up in cold and fever but your Career won’t leave you, you can call a Doctor home.
  • Your relationship can not not be sold in stock exchange.
  • You can be emotionally stable.

Choosing over both or any of them is strictly an individual’s personal choice based on the needs and priorities.

Dimple Khubchandani
Career transition expert. She sells skilled and talented people to companies. Has been on both the sides of table as an HR and a recruitment consultant . A mentor to startups. Dimple caters to almost all domains and from startups to fortune 500 companies pan India. Loves to write sometimes, adventurous, happy go lucky person who loves to travel and dance .