10 Amazing Facts About Mangoes!

10 Amazing Facts About Mangoes

It’s Summer and the only thing which comes to our minds thinking of summer is Mangoes! Yes, the king of the fruits, the lovely smell bearer, the bright yellow colored fruit. We gotta admit, we all love mangoes because they’re awesome!

Here, we bring you 10 amazing facts about mangoes to make it more awesome than before!


Along with being tasty and all aromatic, mango is also a fat free fruit. Yes! You heard it right. Fat free. Not just fat, it doesn’t have sodium and cholesterol too!


Remember when the mangoes are green at the very start? Yes, at that time the amount of vitamin C is higher and as it ripens and start to get yellow-ish, the amount of Vitamin C decreases and the amount of Vitamin A increases! Who knew?


It has a lot of calories. When we mean a lot, it’s a lot! 100 grams that’s equal to one cup serving will fill you up with good 60 cals.


If you eat mango at the very start of the day, you’re all set. Mango, being rich in Vitamins, it provides 100% of your body’s daily Vitamin C need, 35% of your body’s daily Vitamin A need and 40% of your body’s daily fibre need! Awesome!


One of the most amazing fact about mango seeds is that they are used to make soap bars due to their high stearic acid content.


The annual growth of Mangoes in India outperforms the sum of total growth of all the other fruits available in the whole country. More fresh mangoes are eaten around the world everyday than any other fruit.


India’s home to the most top-rated and the world’s finest quality of Mangoes. The Alphonso Mangoes


Surprisingly, Mangoes are the member of the Cashew family of flowering plants. The bark, leaves, skin and pit of a mango tree have been used in folk remedies since ancient times!


Mango trees are so awesome that they have the capability to grow as tall as 100 feet and they long-live too. Many mango trees are believed to be of more than 300 years old and yet bear fruit!


The name ‘mango’ came from the Tamil word ‘mangkay’ or ‘man-gay’. When Portuguese traders settled in Western India, they started calling it as ‘manga’ which later evolved to ‘mango’

We bet you didn’t know these super cool facts.

So, the next time you look at a mango, it may seem a little more than a mango to you!

That’s all folks!

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10 Amazing Facts About Mangoes!

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