10 Awesome New Features of upcoming Android N

10 Awesome New Features of upcoming Android N

The new Android versions are always exciting because they bring new features like material design, faster performance, smooth animations which let us upgrade to a new version and ditch the same boring user interface we’ve been using since a year. This time it’s upcoming Android N which google has announced and also has shed some light to roughly give u an idea of what Google has in the box for us. It may still be a while for Android N to be released officially, but for now, we bring you the 10 best feature of the Android N!

1. Multiple windows multitasking

It a very cool feature that we expected since long and now it’s finally here! The new multitasking feature enables users to use more than one app at once on the screen and multitask easily. For example, you’re enjoying a cool movie and your girlfriend texts you. Now what? No worries my friend, split screen multitasking is here for you. Enjoy!

2. No apps optimization

Remember when you upgraded the android version and the phone took a long time to restart because of the optimization of all the apps? Yes, that annoying app optimization feature has gone now which will let your device to restart quickly and also boost the app installation speed!

3. Emergency contact and info on lock screen

It’s a very great move from Google on the user’s safety side. You can now add an emergency contact on the lock screen along with your medical information like your blood group, medications, medical conditions if any etc.

4. Improved call blocking

Now with Android N, you can block numbers at a system level. Once you block a number, other apps will automatically block any messages or calls from that number!

5. Improved File Manager

Now, the boring file manager which only used to let you explore the files in the directory will have a Google drive integration, hamburger menus, search options by file and folder types and other sharing options.

6. Recent app button

Now the new feature of the recent app button lets you switch seamlessly between apps! When on home screen, double tap the recent app button to go to the last used app and double tap the recent app button in an opened app to go to the app you had just opened before.

7. Improved battery life

A feature named ‘Doze’ introduced with Android Marshmallow will be enhanced with the new Android N increasing battery life and device performance. Google has not yet provided any statistics about it.

8. Redesigned notifications

The new Android N comes with an improved way to deal with your notifications! Notifications can be bundled from various apps just like the ‘Notification Stacks’ feature in Android Wear devices.

9. Quick settings

Now, when you pull down the notifications pane, there will be a swipe-able bar of quick settings that you’ll be to swipe to the right to explore more options.

10. Night mode

Much needed option finally here with Android N. Now with the help of night mode, you don’t have to blast your eyes every time with the high brightness of your device at night even when it’s on the minimum brightness level.

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