10 Best Italian Cuisines you must try!

10 Best Italian Cuisines you must try!

Who doesn’t love food? There are so many types of foods we are blessed with! Whenever you go to a new place, the local food is absolutely always worth a try! Here, we bring you the best 10 Italian dishes that you should definitely add to your bucket list!

1. Gnocchi (Veg, Non-veg)

Gnocchi 10 Best Italian Cuisines you must try!

These are soft and thick dough dumpling really that include wheat flour, breadcrumbs, corn meat, cheese, potato, some vegetables and are very lovely to taste! They usually come in two types, Veg and Non-Veg. The Non-veg contains fine pieces of meat in it which enhances the taste!

2. Ravioli (Veg, Non-veg)

Ravioli 10 Best Italian Cuisines you must try

It’s a type of pasta dumpling composed of filling oozing out from in-between the two layers. The most veggie raviolis consumed are Spinach ravioli and Ricotta ravioli and for the meat enjoying lads, it’s the awesome Domenica Marchetti ravioli.

3. Pasta Primavera (Veg, Non-veg)

Pasta Primavera 10 Best Italian Cuisines you must try

Who doesn’t like Pastas? It’s the most admired dish in the whole world. This dish obviously contains Pasta but along with that any choice of vegetable is preferred over just Pasta with variety of delicious sauces to top it all off. For those who love meat delicacies in their meals, Giada De Laurentiis is just the dish for you.

4. Lasagna (Veg, Non-veg)

Lasagna 10 Best Italian Cuisines you must try

A classic old timer! Lasagne is the oldest type of Pasta that is available and popular for its deliciousness. The word ‘Lasagne’ is often referred to the type of the dishes made with several layers of Lasagne sheets with a sauce layer in between.

5. Prosciutto (Non-veg)

Prosciutto 10 Best Italian Cuisines you must try

Love eating thin slices of meat? Prosciuttos is just the savory for you! Feel the magic of this dish having raw cured Italian ham with various taste enhancing sides!

6. Spaghetti (Veg, Non-veg)

Spaghetti 10 Best Italian Cuisines you must try

Oh this! We are all familiar with the amazing taste of this old long cylindrical looking mainstay! A simple dish made with milled wheat and water with a lot of extra options to cook. It’s like an evergreen Italian dish!

7. Risotto (Veg, Non-veg)

Risotto 10 Best Italian Cuisines you must try

It’s a popular dish available around the world! A mesmerizing norther Italian Rice dish cooked in a broth made by meat, fish or vegetables. They often contain butter, wine and onion and sometimes cheese.

8. Bruschetta (Veg)

Bruschetta 10 Best Italian Cuisines you must try

Italian country sliced bread topped with various delicious toppings like tomato, mushroom, garlic, capsicum making it a standard starter!

9. Minestrone (Veg)

Minestrone Soup 10 Best Italian Cuisines you must try

It’s more of a vegetable soup leaning on the liquid diet side but you gotta taste it just because of the awesome taste it possesses! The soup is made with a variety of vegetables or sometimes even by adding of Pasta or rice! It generally includes onions, tomatoes, celery and carrots. Many other countless additions can be done accordingly.

10. Pizza (Veg, Non-veg)

Pizza 10 Best Italian Cuisines you must try

Last but not the least! We all love pizza and it is the number one Italian food consumed in the world! The ṭround shaped fooṭd cut in six or eight pieces available in countless varieties all over the world from simplest to the most complicate cheese pizzas. Don’t wait guys, pick up the phone and order one right away!

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10 Best Italian Cuisines you must try!

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