10 Best Low Calorie Indian Food

10 Best Low Calorie Indian Food

There is still time for the calorie less burgers or calorie less doughnuts to be discovered yet but that must not stop you from searching the foods that fit perfectly into your diet routine and calorie intake rules!

Low calorie food does not at all have to be flavor less, low on nutrition boring foods. Stock up your kitchen with these best 10 healthy low calorie foods.

1. Oranges

An awesome fruit looking exactly as its named which is consumed globally.

Calories: 47 calories per 100grams

2. Cabbage

A beautiful fresh leafed vegetable extremely rich in antioxidants. It is widely cultivated all around the world. Different varieties include green, purple, red, Savoy colored cabbages!

Calories: 27 calories per 100grams

3. Beet

Appearing bloody red, beet is one of the healthiest foods in the whole wide world. Beet helps boost your immune system and is also widely believed to have anti-cancer characteristics!

Calories: 43 calories per 100gram

4. Cucumber

Very few foods are awesome as cucumber. It’s a extremely healthy diet having valuable nutrients and hydrating properties. They’re available in dozens of colors! Amazed?

Calories: 16 calories per 100grams

5. Watermelon

One of the yummiest fruit of all and also one of the heaviest fruits available on the market. Only the red portion of the entire watermelon is consumed and the outer hard green colored shell is discarded. It literally is mouthwatering!

Calories: 30 calories per 100grams

6. Cauliflower

Most dudes often confuse it with the cabbage, but it’s an entire different vegetable (although it look almost kinda same). Only the white colored head is eaten and the rest of the leaves are often discarded of the entire cruciferous vegetable.

Calories: 25 calories per 100gram

7. Carrots

It’s a root vegetable really having a crisp texture and usually available in orange color. Although varieties in colors like purple, yellow, black and white exist.

Calories: 41 calories per 100grams

8. Tomatoes

Very fresh and bright red looking vegetable often consumed directly or used in cooking for the flavor of its taste. Tomato soup is widely popular in the entire world. Hell, there’s an entire festival based on tomatoes called La Tomatina festival of Spain.

Calories: 18 calories per 100grams

9. Bean sprout

Bean sprouts are grown from green capped Moong beans and are very rich in fiber.

Calories: 23 calories per 100grams

10. Mushrooms

Beautifully umbrella shaped is a eatable fungus grown on a soil or above a food source. They have high values of proteins and dietary fibers and also a good source of potassium.

Calories: 22 calories per 100grams

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10 Best Low Calorie Indian Food

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