10 hacks to get what you want in life!

10 hacks to get what you want in life!

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Learn the art of persuasion to get what you want in life!

Yes! That’s how awesome it is. There are some hacks you can use in your day to day life to get what you want easily or to make people do what you want! It isn’t manipulation at all. Persuasion is the art of getting people to do things that are in their own best interest that also benefit you. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll literally and beg someone who isn’t respecting you! Remember, not everyone can be persuaded. Even if god came and tried, he’d probably fail too. So use this hacks appropriately and responsibly. Remember, ‘With great power, comes great responsibility.’

1. Dress sharply!

It is the most important thing! If you dress up for the occasion, you command respect. It will make them respect you more and listen to what you are saying even more carefully! They’ll probably end up saying yes to your proposition thinking that ‘If he’s dressed well and speaks well, he must be from a good family and must be saying the truth.’

2. Be confident while speaking.

Don’t ever fumble on words. If necessary, do a quick homework of what you have to say or write it down on a paper beforehand.

3. Build a great rapport.

Ask questions, get to know them. Be genuinely interested in them. Break the ice of awkwardness between you and them by making them laugh by cracking a humorous joke or something! Remember, it’s a give and take game. Don’t just ask questions and make them feel like they’re being interrogated. Whenever you ask something, make sure you’re telling them something about you in return too! Keep it casual. Have a broad smile on your face! After that, when you put the point on the table, chances are, they’ll probably agree to whatever you say!

4. Use mirroring technique!

Whenever you are in a conversation with a person, copy their body postures! Don’t just put your leg up right away after they do, just do it peacefully and casually without them noticing you. This will impact their unconscious mind and chances are higher that they might agree to what you say!

5. Take a pause after you say something.

By doing this, chances of them agreeing with you increase by a big margin.

6. Have a confident body language.

Studies have proved that you are 90% your body language and 10% of what you speak.

7. Use tone of voice.

Run tonal patterns on a person’s unconscious mind! Learn when to speak firmly with a lounder and confident voice and when to speak with a subtle and a soft voice with correct face expressions.

8. When talking to a man, don’t just stand right front of him facing them eye to eye.

This will make them feel intimidated. Stand at an angle to give them a friendly a casual signal. But when you talk to a woman, stand right in front of her. Women love confident men and you’ll seem confident when you look in her eyes standing right in front of her.

9. Maintain just the perfect amount of eye contact.

Don’t just stare into their eyes or don’t just look here and there when they are talking to you!

10. Pay careful attention to whatever they are saying.

No matter how long they talk, let them finish. Never interrupt them in between or else you will loose on valuable information. Remember, always listen more and speak less. Because your ears won’t get you in trouble, but your mouth will.

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