10 Non-Indian Series You Should Not Miss

10 Non-Indian Series You Should Not Miss

The number of people following various non-Indian series has increased immensely in the years that have gone by. Why? Because no Saas – Bahu crap, limited number of episodes per season, innovative plots and yes, life – lessons taught in various different and sexy ways. We have listed out top – 10 must watch series, which will make you cry, laugh and realize what your life is and should be, with genuine Ratings.

#10 The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory 10 Non-Indian Series You Should Not Miss

Yes, TBBT is on the 10th Position. Sheldon, Penny, Leonard… we love them all. All the sexy, witty science jokes crack us all up. But it took the whole season 1 for the characters to set the story up. Seasons 2 to 9 were far better than the first set. TBBT is a must watch, but just don’t give up after season 1.

BuddyBits Rating – 3/5

#09 Suits

Suits 10 Non-Indian Series You Should Not Miss

Two lawyers, one degree. Suits is a story worth clinging on. Epic and classy conversations made us fall in love with every character. Reason to be in this position, months long winter breaks and heart wrenching cliffhangers.

BuddyBits Rating – 3.2/5

#08 The Blacklist

The Blacklist 10 Non-Indian Series You Should Not Miss

The Blacklist is filled with action and blood lust. Everything about Raymond Reddington is so classy that it takes the episode on a whole new level. Every Episode comes with a new villain from The Blacklist created by Red.

BuddyBits Rating – 3.5/5

#07 Two and a Half Men

Two and a half men 10 Non-Indian Series You Should Not Miss

The best series created by Chuck Lorre. Ruined itself when the heart of TAHM, Charlie Sheen, left the series. Seasons 1 to 8 a must watch. Season 9 won’t crack you up as much as the first eight did.

BuddyBits Rating – 3.7/5

#06 Prison Break

Prison Break 10 Non-Indian Series You Should Not Miss

Even today, people are waiting for Season 5. A series that ended in 4 years has everything, action, drama, love and jail breaking. Such a short period of awesomeness is the reason for 6th position.

BuddyBits Rating – 3.9/5

#05 Orange is the New Black

Orange is the new Black 10 Non-Indian Series You Should Not Miss

Amazing and Unique plot of a woman who surrenders herself for a small crime she committed with her lesbian ex-girlfriend. OTNB teaches you how to actually live your life and enjoy every second of it.

BuddyBits Rating -4/5

#04 Sherlock

Sherlock 10 Non-Indian Series You Should Not Miss

The name is enough. Benedict Cumberbatch is the only person who can portray Sherlock in such a PERFECT manner. Reasons for 4th position are only three episodes per season, and years of wait for new season.

BuddyBits Rating – 4.2/5

#03 House of Cards (US)

House of Cards 10 Non-Indian Series You Should Not Miss

White House Politics and Frank Underwood breaking the fourth wall, is the best a series can have.

BuddyBits rating – 4.5/5

#02 Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones 10 Non-Indian Series You Should Not Miss

Who doesn’t love GOT. It is the series which consumes soul of people (not literally!). 10 months of long wait is the only thing a man cannot do.

BuddyBits Rating – 4.9/5


Friends 10 Non-Indian Series You Should Not Miss

Well, yeah! It has been around 22 years since the first episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. aired on television. It still makes us cry when we re-watch the last episode for the nth time.

BuddyBits Rating – 5/5

Not satisfied from the list or the ratings? Didn’t find your favorite series in the list? Do share your concerns and views in the comments below!

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