10 Reasons Why Delhi is Just Awesome!

10 Reasons Why Delhi is Just Awesome

Besides being the capital of our country, there are many things that are rarely known about Delhi which will make you fall in love with Delhi in no time! We’ve made a list of 10 things that are just the best!

1. The capital!

The whole country runs through here and therefore the latest things and the big things come here first! Delhi is the hub for everything first! Anything comes in India, there’s a high chance that it’s going to start with Delhi. And the best thing of all is that everything here comes with a price cut. From petrol prices to foods as compared to other states of the country!

2. Culture blended with present time!

There is just the perfect amount of culture with various monuments and heritage sites like Red fort and Jama Masjid to blend perfectly with the latest technologies and modern glass buildings! They offer a touch of royalty to the fast moving city!

3. Part of the Golden Quadrilateral

Delhi is a part of the golden triangle route that connects all the major destinations of India! This is the biggest plus point of Delhi as it allows Delhites to hop on a quick weekend get-away and return back in no time!

4. Delhi Metro!

This the heart line of Delhi connecting every single place of Delhi. You can catch a metro from almost anywhere and be at a certain place just in no time! The first metro that was built in the country was Delhi metro. Today it is the busiest metro in the country!

5. Gardens everywhere!

The city is full of garden and they are huge ones too! There is no reason to get up in the morning to jog unless it’s a place like Lodhi garden that will empty your lungs and fill them with pure oxygen in the midst of the busy city! Raj Ghat is the biggest garden right at the center of the city!

6. Road signs almost anyone can read!

This is probably the only city in the country that has road signs in four different languages! Yes! Hindi, English, Punjabi and even in Arabic!

7. Unity in diversity!

There are people from everywhere. Delhi welcomes them all and they all live in serene atmosphere and enjoy all the trends, festivals and everything together! It’s a beautiful feeling!

8. Best street food!

It’s just everywhere! There is none who sleeps hungry in the city of Delhi. You can find all kinds of foods from the tastiest Kebabs to the simplest Veggies at very affordable prices. You’ll fill your stomach up till the throat and hardly shell out 70 rupees!

9. The nightlife!

No matter what time is it, Delhi is always flourishing its colors at the darkest of nights! There are pubs overflowing with booze and all party goers and then there are eateries all over the cities that stay up late just to make sure you don’t get left out on all the delicious savories!

10. Delhi weddings are awesome!

Many great weddings are held here and there are beautiful traditions that follow. It’s fun to attend a wedding in Delhi. They drink and dance till they fall! So when you get a chance to go to a wedding there, never miss!

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10 Reasons Why Delhi is Just Awesome!

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