10 Reasons why ‘Incredible India’ is more like ‘Ironical India’

10 Reasons why 'Incredible India' is more like 'Ironical India'

From the inception of its sovereignty, our Indian nation has always been called as ‘Incredible India’ by the rest of the world on account of its astounding factors such as democratic unity in a land of innumerable diversities of cultures, religions, languages, castes, creed etc. The features and traits this country shows to the world today were never predictable to the others. But somewhere, amidst the race of a better position in supranational bodies, and westernization, India turned into more of an ironical republic, rather than an incredible one.

Here are the top 10 reasons why ‘Incredible India’ is more like ‘Ironical India’.


Genders apart from males and females are not considered as genders, but as mental disorders and are criminalized under section 377 of IPC of our Constitution. Our Constitution also guarantees Right to equality and Right to freedom, btw.

The concept of gender equality itself is biased to two of the prominent genders of the nation. Can a statement be any more ironical? Apart from male and female, there are 20 more genders in existence! Each of them may be different from one another in terms of sexual preferences, but they face one thing in common, violation of rights. Under section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, if any citizen found practicing a gender apart from male and female can be sentenced imprisonment and penalty. This rule directly contradicts the fundamental right to freedom of our Constitution which ensures every citizen justice and freedom irrespective of their caste, creed, race, religion, gender etc. Ironical it is how one rule of our nation contradicts the other.


The shoes we wear are sold in air-conditioned and under surveillance show rooms, but the food consumed by major portion of the population is sold in open areas of filth.

Our nation is known to have a lot of auspiciousness, holy beliefs and godliness. But here we are, contradicting yet another reality which states that ‘cleanliness is next to godliness.’ We see a lot of godliness through processions and propagation of innumerable deities and gods here, cleanliness is a rare sight at the same page! The basic necessities of survival, which are food and water, are sold in markets which apparently seems to have been cleansed months ago or so, whereas in posh areas one can find air conditioned and guarded stores of Nike, Adidas, Puma etc, because who cares about food poisoning, when have shoes from that overrated expensive store!


All work, and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But even if Jack plays good, all he can get through it is grace marks on the report card, and not recognition.

Every year, lakhs of students in their elementary age aspire to pursue the sport the love as a career. But as the reach the age where they see the reality of the world, they realize that they’re born in a country where even if they have all the zeal and potential to reach the zeniths of their chosen sport, their country has no scope. Even today, majority of the sportspersons are suppressed under the pressure of family, and the mistreatment of authorities in their sport. Everyone advises them to keep the sport as a hobby, and not as a career goal, unaware of the fact that that sport is something where the person has given such efforts which he/she never gave to anything else ever before. Sad is the part that extravagantly talented sportspersons who have represented the state or nation, end up being a coach for it in some school. It is a well known fact that the amount Priyanka Chopra earned after impersonating Mary Kom in a movie was more than the actual Mary Kom had ever earned in her whole boxing career. Isn’t it ironical, that a 3 time international champion’s entire career earning was lesser compared to the one who impersonated her and spoke in her accent for a year of shooting and 2 hours of the film?


“We want you to be fearless! ..only when you have a male accompanying you.”

Everyone talks about women empowerment and similar topics, but even today, a girl is advised not to go to places alone, with reason which says that ‘it’s not you who has the fault, the world is full of cruel people.’ Oh well on that, how about doing something about the ‘cruel people’ ? It’s sort of a situation where the victims have to additionally suffer, while the guilty are roaming safely.


You will get a job you deserve based on solely your merit*. *caste and gender included.

Who knew that there’d come a time when groups of people would protest against the government just to declare themselves as an inferior group, so that they get reservations in jobs, exams etc? This castism and sexism in the field of opportunity can be referred as a major reason why there are loopholes in the administration of our nation. Because had it been it was merit, then the governmental and administrative servants would have been professionals in their respective fields and the highest optimum use of the resources of our nation would’ve been made.


“OMG! Love hurts!” says a 13 year old.

This is an issue which is not just ironical, but also comical. When a 13 year old speaks about loyalty to their ‘significant other’, the very first interrogation that comes up is, “Your parents raised you to be something and undistracted, you didn’t be that, you couldn’t be loyal to them, to those who brought you to this world and raised you with everything they had; how on mother earth do you plan to stay loyal to your premature significant other?” If love hurts you at 13, then please take a note that your dad’s stroke on your face will hurt harder. Just saying.


“Beta you’ve no pressure from our side, don’t get stressed if you couldn’t do well in a test. Work harder next time. Pursue what you want. We’re with you.” Says every parent. Average student suicide rate in Kota – 31 students per year.

If every parent conveys the aforementioned statements to their aspiring ward, then why does the suicide rate of age groups 15-19 has to increase every year? Is it because of the pressure and rigidity from parents? Or the brittle nature of the ward under the suppression of pressure and rigidity form parents? You see, pressure and rigidity remains constant. If such are the statements those students got from their families and teachers, then why did they find suicide to be the only way out? Still a mystery.


“Oh you’re a photographer? That’s okay, but what do you do for a living?”

There are pretty many career fields in existence that the Great Indian Orthodox Society still frowns upon. Even today it’s hard for them to accept the action of pursuing career in a hobby by their younger generations. Above mentioned photography was just one of them, others can be archeologist, radio jockey, event planner, footballer (any sports player except cricketer, basically), activist, marine biologist etc. There world is pretty much still on Doctor, engineer, MBA, businessman.


“You talk about Game of thrones, watch football leagues, and put status regarding them and every social happening on Facebook? What a gentleman!”

Our society was already judgmental enough, but now it has added some really materialistic parameters to classify someone as either a gentleman, or an undeserving noob. Materialistic parameters like number of sitcoms watched, fluency of speech in English etc. Whereas actual gentlemen possess qualities like soft spoken, mannerism, punctuality etc.


Everyone lose their minds and stop moving if a black cat crosses their way, but nobody thinks of stopping when the red light signal comes by.

Superstitions! You sneeze before leaving, you’ll come across something unlucky. You walk on a road crossed by a black cat, you’ll come across something unlucky. You spill milk, you’ll come across something unlucky. In a world where we Indians are known to be auspicious and holy, we ourselves follow the norms which have nothing but pessimism, falsehood and bad luck in them. Oh, the irony!

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  1. We have hypocrites all around us. It’s because we were taught to stick to rules made by no one. We were programmed to think like everyone. Odd people are neglected and ridiculed.
    It’s a crime to disagree with authorities. Disagreement is only a difference of opinion, beliefs and perspective and it’s OK to disagree but we are constantly pushed to agree no matter what. If you disagree, you are a terrorist.

    Brilliantly written. Two thumbs up.

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