10 Reasons Why Kerala is truly God’s Own Country!

10 Reasons Why Kerala is truly God's Own Country

Kerala, the most beautiful state of India often referred as ‘The god’s own county’. It’s never been in the news for the wrong reasons and it’s one of the best and modernist state of our country! You gotta read these 10 awesome facts that makes Kerala truly God’s own country!

1. Lush greenery everywhere

There are plants and tress literally everywhere. You can clean up your lungs of all those pollution by inhaling the fresh oxygen flowing right out of the trees. Kerala is popular for all its picturesque hills and valleys, its flora and fauna, forever chirping enticing birds that travel a long way just to be there!

2. Highest literacy rate in the country!

Malayalam people are so understanding and awesome that they believe education is just the way to go! Kerala recorded a whopping 93.91 percentage of literacy rate topping all the other states in India.

3. Home of Ayurveda

Kerala totally believes in the ancient Ayurveda medicine. There are number of Ashrams, rejuvenation and relaxation therapies for the tourist. They are made available by various methods of Ayurveda like meditation, Yoga, massage for the well being of the tourists!

4. Lovely beaches!

The beaches of Kerala are known for all the scenic beauty it presents for those who visit them. The beaches attract thousands of tourist form across the globe every year!

5. Complete Digital state

Kerala was declared a ‘complete digital state’ last year. The CM of Kerala Oomen Chandy said, “The state has achieved 100 percent mobile density, 75 percent e-literacy, highest digital banking rate and broadband connection up to Panchayat level.”

6. The ‘She’ concept

The most awesome thing in Kerala is the way they treat women. They have special transport services run by the women for the women. The ‘She-Taxi’ and ‘She-Bus’ are the two modes of government transport driven by women and reserved only for women. Awesome!

7. The mesmerizing beauty of the houseboats

The houseboats are one of the main attractions of the country driving all the people from around the world specially to hop on to one of those boats! The boats offer a peaceful time together and also is a romantic-jackpot thing for all those couples out there!

8. Food that beats all!

The Kerala Cuisine is an absolute delight for the foodies out there. You name it, they have it. Kerala is widely famous for its non-veg delicacies that can be found anywhere! Other unique savory you just can’t afford to miss is seafood cooked with coconut gravy!

9. Traditions!

There are many traditions that are still being followed just to make sure they hand over the rich values to generations to come! It has also preserved the ancient art of martial arts known as ‘Kalaripayattu.’

10. Kerala wild life sanctuaries

If you visit Kerala and don’t visit a national park or a sanctuary, you’re just not done yet. Kerala offers so many natural attractions which are very rare. You can spot a Bengal Tiger, Asian elephant, Leopard, Grizzled giant squirrel, Lion-tailed macaque, Indian grey horn-bill, Great king cobra and many more in their natural habitats.

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10 Reasons Why Kerala is truly God’s Own Country!

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