10 Reasons Why Suits is the Best Show!

10 Reasons Why Suits is the Best Show!

1. The absolute classy Harvey Spectre who’s the best closer in the town with a strong quintessence of how a man should be.

2. The show is based on a law firm which is also like a family. They care about each other so much that they feel the office better than their homes!

3. Jessica Pearson is a leader of the law firm named ‘Pearson Spectre Litt’ of whom Harvey and another awesome-but-a-little-arrogant lawyer named Louis Litt are name partners. Jessica is a perfect example for all the woman out there who dream of leading a huge company of their own someday or are already leading but lacking the courage to carry on. Litt plays more of a supporting role but Harvey and Jessica lead from the front!

4. The cool dude of the show Mike Ross who’s hired by the hotshot Harvey Spectre in the most awesome way imaginable! They have just the best bromance!

5. Another woman name Donna Paulsen who works as Harvey’s secretary. She’s a woman from everyone’s dreams! Besides her stunning business look, she knows everything that’s going in the office and also in Harvey’s mind. When asked how? She replies with the best answer that anyone can ever give, ‘I’m Donna, I know everything!’. Gosh!

6. It’s enthralling really to see the chemistry between Donna and Harvey Spectre. It’ll make you wait for them to kiss and then it’ll leave you stay right there forever!

7. The company-forbidden relationship of Mike Ross with the hot chick named Rachel Zane who’s also working with the firm is all steamy and sexy filled with lots of love is a delight to watch!

8. This show defines class and Harvey is made for it. Those classy suits, hairstyles and law-talks of Harvey will drive you crazy!

9. The Villains are just the best too. They are bound to give second thoughts about Pearson Spectre Litt!

10. It gives you lessons about how to successfully juggle between professional and personal lives with minimum casualties possible!

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