10 Reasons Why Udaipur is the Most Awesome City!

10 Reasons Why Udaipur is the Most Awesome City!

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1. The city of Art!

The art of painting is truly famous. Various type of paintings have originated from this city since 15th century. Nowadays the only painting that is famous in Udaipur is miniature painting. This painting is done in extremely tiny scale. So if you wanna get your nails painted, Udaipur is just the place for you to go!

2. Cultural Programs

It’s one of the most cultural cities of India where there is art, music and everything! The audience down here have a royal taste. You can catch the evening cultural show at ‘Bagore Ki Haveli’. Staged with beautiful colorful lights, Rajasthani folk dance performances and local music will take your breath away! There are several other shows like fire dance, knife dance, Tehra taal dance and puppet shows that beautifully describing a certain story! You can catch them in any cultural shows and festivals!

3. A beautiful crafted history!

The whole state of Rajasthan has extremely well scripted history. Udaipur’s history dates back to 1559 when the Maharaja Udai Singh I escaped the sacking of the fort of Chittor by the King Akbar. Along with Udai Singh, the people of Chittor stood there for the defense and thus built up and empire together named Udaipur. The city has a beautiful sculpted heritage and the walk through all of them reveals the story hidden being walls!

4. Lakes

There are multiple lakes in the beautiful city of Udaipur. In fact, there are so many lakes in Udaipur that it is often known as the ‘Venice of East’. Also, along with the lakes there are beautifully designed ancient buildings and the reflection of those buildings can be seen in the lake! Even within the lake, there are two islands! They are named Jag Niwas and Jag Mandir.

5. A romantic sunset point

It’s a small place really but you just can get enough of the thunder this place is having. The dim shining orange-ish sun bows down to you to say Good-Bye-See-Ya-Tomorrow and gradually slips off to the other half of the planet! It’s a breath taking view to watch along with your soulmate! Just about after you’re done with the amazing sunset, you can catch a musical fountain just about a mile away from the sunset point!

6. Hang on to a Rope-way!

Just right across the sunset point is another hill named Machla Magra which you can go by hopping on to a rope-way! The sunset vie is much more majestic from this hill! Not only the sunset, but the hill is famous for Karni Mata temple and the skeletal remains of the Ekligarh Fort!

7. Grand museums!

The city palace museum is awesome! There is a crystal gallery on the south of the museum that profound exhibits the rare crystals that Maharaja Singh ordered from F&C Osler & Co. in England in 1877! Sadly, the Maharaja couldn’t witness the majesty of all those crystals as he passed away before the consignment arrived.

8. Architectural masterpieces!

The city proudly shows off the antique architecture marvels present there. The Lake palace, Fateh Prakash Palace are the example of fine architecture of the ancient times! You can fine the beautiful carvings on every other street!

9. Foodie’s land!

It’s a place where you just can’t enough of sweets and spices! There are shops of sweet and spices literally on every street and corner! They are eaten like the main course here. Hell, they don’t even know what dessert means! If it’s a sweet, it’s going straight to the main course! People love food all over the state of Rajasthan! Nevertheless, the immensely popular dish Dal Baati is an absolute delight!

10. Pleasant Monsoons even on the edge of the desert!

Udaipur has the best times in monsoons! It is encircled by Aravalli ranges on all sides and the rains in the monsoon make the city look even more stunning! Udaipur experiences the most romantic weather this time of the year!

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