10 Roadies Contestants who Made it Big

10 Roadies Contestants who Made it Big

There were days when people had to struggle for years just to get into the showbiz. There were acting schools, years of theatre plays, acting as junior artists and everything. But times seem to have changed now and the fastest way to get into the showbiz is taking part in realities shows like Roadies. We have made a list here featuring those 10 Roadies contestants who made it to the big screen after the show!

10Shubhi Mehta

The Roadies 3 contestant Shubhi Mehta transcended to the big screen with her role in a big movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, ‘Chak De India’. She was also a TV actress in the show ‘Bairi Piya’.

A blue-sky engineer with a pneuma of writing. An animal lover, food experimenter and a happy-to-go bloke who loves to travel and discover himself. A staunch F.C Barcelona & Lionel Messi votary! A non-staff lensman on the side.