10 Simple Vastu Tips for your Office!

10 Simple Vastu Tips for your Office!

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1. No room for obstacles

The office area is a business area, a workspace. Vastu suggests that if you want to promote the amount of business opportunities there shouldn’t be a single interfering obstacle in between your path to the office entrance door.

2. Location of the reception desk

Vastu recommends that your reception desk should be at the north eastern part of the office especially if you’re running a business. Whenever the receptionist talks to a client, the client should be facing north or eastern directions for these directions represent birth, revival or new chances.

3. Marketing direction

According to Vastu marketing is an important aspect of any business that deals with clients and make sure to sell the products to the clients. So the marketing division should be in the north western portion of the office to promote the harmony of the company

4. Beams are a big no-go.

According to Vastu, people working in the office should not be seated directly under the beam. So if you have a beam in your office, it’s time to cover it up with a fake ceiling!

5. Centre part of the office

It is believed that keeping in mind all the Vastu rules the centre part of the office should always be vacant with no use of that space at all. But what if you have a cubicle, hexagon, rectangle, triangle or any other shape for an office? Troubles away friend. A very simple solution to find the centre of that shape and make an approximate circle around and keep stuff away from there!

6. Location of the Boss

It’s advisable that the person having the highest post or any other first class executive’s office should be located in the west, south or southwest part of the entire company.

7. Washrooms

Yes! You’re right. Even this, even this comes under the scope of Vastu Shastra. It’s advised that washrooms should always be located in the southwest or north-eastern side of the company.

8. Staircases

Did you know that the staircases are the most annoying and boring arts of any building? Yes, they make you tired if you want to go up and laugh at you silently when the elevator’s down. They sometimes even throw you off them if you’re not in your conscious as a punishment and you don’t even know! But, Vastu suggests that staircase should be built towards the south of the building.

9. Accounts Department

Heaven! This is where the money makes the sound. Vastu recommends that as the account section deals with money investments and returns, it should always be in the south eastern part of the company as it’s the direction of prosperity

10. Food section or canteens.

We may be working for a livelihood and going all out for it but end of the day, this where everyone’s heart lies. Vastu endorses that this section should be located on the north-eastern part of the office.

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