10 Things That Make Mangalore Awesome!

10 Things That Make Mangalore Awesome!

Mangalore, a sister like to Bangalore that has a name almost similar to Bangalore. Just about 350 KM from Bangalore which makes it a perfect weekend getaway spot for the people in Bangalore. Check out 10 super cool things about Mangalore!

1. Ancient buildings

The place has a beautiful skyline having beautifully crafted buildings from the 16th century. The city possesses a Christian architecture and make you remember the lanes of London with buildings all around that you’ve seen in movies!

2. Beaches

Karnataka has a large coastline and arguably the most awesome beach of Karnataka is Ulla beach. It located around 12 kilometers from Mangalore, you can easily catch a bus to the beach and enjoy its serenity! There are so many beaches in Mangalore you can visit.

3. Shipyard

There is a beautiful ship building yard in Mangalore! You can witness ships that are huge! They pull them off waters to repair and you can also watch the building process of the ships! It’s awesome engineering!

4. Culture rich

There are many dance forms and folks are still practiced in the city! Traditional dances like ‘Yakshanga’, ‘Pilivesha’ and many other dances are performed during the festivals like Dasshera and Janmashtami!

5. A place with educational importance

There are students from all over the country! The most pinnacle institute of Mangalore is National Institute Of Technology, Mangalore, Karnataka.

6. Humble People

You’ll never feel like an alien traveling through the city! Whenever you need some information, people will be more than happy to help you! Chances are they will provide more information than just what you need and pour their heart out to help you!

7. Traditional sports

Believe it or not, sports are a vital part of the Mangalore life and culture. The traditional sport ‘Kambala’ (Buffalo race) which is contested in the wet paddy fields is extremely enthralling!

8. Feel blessed

There are so many temples, churches, chapels and cathedral from 16th century that will take to you a place away from all the bustling life of the busy city no matter which religion you believe in!

9. Lush greenery

No matter where you go in the city, even the busiest and the poshest area of the city has trees and plants all over! In some places there are plants and creepers hanging out from the boundary walls of the houses.

10. The Tipu Sultan battery

A little bit far away from Mangalore about 4 KM from the main city. This was a construction made by Tipu Sultan in the year 1784. It was a watch tower for the Tipu Sultan force and also cannons were fired to defend the place from the warships that used to enter the river! It reflects the rich history the city has!

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10 Things That Make Mangalore Awesome!

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