10 Things To Do in Goa

10 Things To Do in Goa

1. Get a massage

Get a massage Things to do in Goa

After you’ve roamed you heart out zipping through the streets of go in that hot sun, you surely deserve a peaceful massage! ‘Snip’ is the place to go located on the way to Candolim from Calangute. Enjoy! Peace-out!

2. Silent party!

Silent Party Things to do in Goa

This one’s a unique! The party is called silent party for its only one characteristic that they don’t have music! Well, kinda. They have music for each and every one, individually! They’ll provide a wireless headphone to you as you step in and then they’ll stream music directly to your ears! And when you take that headset out, you’ll be amazed to see people dancing in the silence!

3. Water Sports!

Water Sports Things to do in Goa

You’ll get everything there! From para-sailing, jet-skiing to banana boat rides that’ll leave you breathless! A little heads up though, have a heart of a lion if you really wanna enjoy it to the fullest!

4. Nearby attractions

Dudhsagar Things to do in Goa

There are numerous attractions near Goa. One of those is ‘Dudhsagar Falls’ which is known for its white colored water falling from certain height making it look like a milky-fall. Make sure you check it out!

5. Crab-catching

Crab Catching Things to do in Goa

Go for it if you will! It’s a once in a lifetime experience that’ll an amazing experience and probably teach a thing or a two about the crab catching business.

6. Casino

Casino Things to do in Goa

Visit the majestic ship ‘Deltin Royale’ for casino experience. Very few states have gambling legal and Goa is one of them.

7. Visit the flea market!

Flea Market Things to do in Goa

If you wish to experience the local Goan culture and blend in it beautifully, Anjuna’s flea market is a must visit! You’ll get to see all the local made items and clothes that perfectly depict the Goan culture and style. From colorful artificial jewellery to electronic appliances or anything it is, you’ll get it here. It’s a weekly fair held every Wednesday on the stretch of Anjuna beach.

8. Romantic dinner cruise

Romantic dinner cruise Things to do in Goa

Sweep your loved ones of their feet by taking them to a candle light dinner cruise sailing through the waves and winds in the setting sun going down right at your front!

9. Jungle Book

Jungle Book Things to do in Goa

Get a never before experience and splash the elephants with water under the guidance of a trainer and see the elephants in a playful mood as they splash water back on you!

10. Scuba diving!

Scuba Diving Things to do in Goa

Yes, you can scuba dive at Grande island and watch the beautiful world hidden under the sea. You can spot fishes closely and can even touch them! Just a 45 min training beforehand and you’re ready to Scuba dive!

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10 Things To Do in Goa

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