10 Things We Miss about Childhood when We Turn Adults!

10 Things We Miss about Childhood when we Turn Adults!

When the sweet “Baa-baa black sheep” is turned into a rap song by Abhishek Bachchan in “Housefull-3”, and when Karan and Kabir replace the ultimate Zack and Cody, you know your childhood is over. Here are 10 things that we miss terribly from our childhood:

1. The TV shows

Hannah Montana. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (I still have it on my laptop). That’s so Raven! Lizzie McGuire. Phil of the Future. Phineas and Ferb. Wizards of Waverly Place. I could go on and on. And how many can we name now that are half as amazing as them?

2. The Books

How many of us have waited for the “Harry Potter” books, and later, movies? For those of us who liked to read, we still remember the scary “Goosebumps!”, the page-turner Nancy Drew series, The Famous Five, and oh, the comics! How many of us miss Archie?

3. The Games

None of the electronic games the kids play today- although they’re pretty awesome, we occupied ourselves in outdoor and indoor games like Carrom, Chess, Ludo, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Snakes and Ladders, I Spy! (often mispronounced Ice Spice), Lock and Key, Stop and Party, Marbles, etc. While some are still played, some are long forgotten.

4. The Sweets

How many of you are familiar with “Tuti-futi” and the “Pepsi” that costed Rs.1? We did not have Cadbury Silk, we instead had Milky Bar! Also, what was the name of the toffee that had a red and black wrapper?

5. School!

It was school before the marks mattered. Where you used to plan with your friends to bring the ingredients, and prepare a simple dish (we made Bhel) in the school. It was when roti-sabzi was compulsory for lunch. It was when you sat in a row and tied a rakhi to whoever boy you faced in the row across, on Rakhshabandhan. It was when you could easily sleep in class, or sit in any section (A or B) and nobody would notice. Simpler times, weren’t they?

6. Life before social media

I made my Gmail account in Grade 7th, and it was also when we were required to make one for the “Computer” class. No Facebook. We had Orkut. No Twitter, No Instagram, and Snapchat who?

7. Life before Mobile Phones

Yep. I’m talking of life even before our first Nokia. Dad had one with a keypad and it had Snakes, and Bounce, and Cards. When Computers came, we had Pinball and Minesweeper.

8. The celebration of festivals

It was before the whole family got busy and scattered, and when you used to wait for holidays to gather and celebrate festivals. Your holiday assignment was to “collect 50 leaves”, and the more people was indeed the merrier.

9. The innocence

Unlike today’s teens who can tell you which boots or cars are “in”, whose social relationship statuses say “It’s complicated”, you hadn’t had your first boyfriend till class 10th. And you didn’t know late-night texting, or even birthday posts and selfies, but yes, you were still happier.

10. The People

This is for the people you’ve lost as you turned an adult. Maybe your 1st grade best friend, maybe your grandparents, maybe your favorite teacher. You may have lost touch with them or lost them completely, but yes, that doesn’t mean we don’t wish that they could come back.

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10 Things We Miss about Childhood when We Turn Adults!

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