10 things you should know about Death!

10 things you should know about Death!

We, live, love, laugh and cry. We get attached to people till we die! But in reality, we’re just passing by.

Life is a great chance given to us by God just once. Make sure you live it to your fullest! Well speaking of life, here we are with the 10 things you must know about life and death. Know what is believed and what not.


Our physical bodies have a total of 5 senses. Sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. But, it’s believed that our abstract soul that escapes out of body after we die has up to 70 senses!


In the heaven, the opposite gender will continue attracting and fascinating each other just like the earth.


Days are much longer there in the heaven. A day in the heaven equals to about three days on the earth.


When you die, you travel to a destination. You will be asleep throughout the way. But, once after you reach there, you’ll be awake and all your family members will recognize you there and vice versa.


According to the Hinduism, it is believed that the soul from body of the deceased doesn’t escape but stays with the family of the deceased for about 15 days.


It’s believed that the souls are not allowed to return to the earth after death. They are not allowed to talk to anyone on the earth and thus there are no ghosts.


According to Hindu beliefs, Lord Shiva told goddess Parvati that when a person’s body turns pale yellow, white and a little red, that person is about to die and also when a person fails to see his own reflection in a liquid like water then the person’s death is nearing!


According to Islam, the person who is on the brink of dying will see people with white clothes standing in the room waiting for that person to die. However, even if there are people in the room, nobody else can see the people standing in the white clothes other than the person who is about to die. It is said that they are the travelers who come to pick up the dead for their ‘journey of death.’


In many religions, it is believed that the people who do good deeds throughout their life have a peaceful and a painless death but on the other hand the people who are a menace to everybody and just give pain and tears to the people around have a remorseful and a painful death.


According to Buddhism, there is no life after death. Everything is here and right now in this world. There is nothing that will happen after the person dies and the body will just simply mix up in the elements of the earth just as it was built.

[Disclaimer: The above views are not our personal views. We do not wish to offend any religious sentiments and we respect them all equally. These points have been jotted down from various sources on the internet and thus this article is merely a reflection of the same. We do not guarantee of this list being factually accurate either.]

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