10 Types of Students We Find in the Exam Hall

10 Types of Students We Find in the Exam Hall

Each and every one of us is different from the rest having different personalities, views, thinking, opinions. So here is the list of those 10 most common types of students we find in the exam hall.

1. The copier

These are the people who hardly know anything and depend totally on the others for their entire examination. Hell, they’ll even copy your name and roll number and then correct it when they realize. They are just too annoying sometimes and dumb always!

2. The overcautious guy

These are the ones who never take risks or don’t love having fun at all. They always bring the whole big compass box with endless stationaries that’ll make him look like a store. Plus, they are just too possessive about their box that they’ll not even lend a single pen to the one in need.

3. The gazer

Well this one’s not really related to studies! They are the boys or the girls even who when not having single idea of what to write in the answer start to stare their crush in the same room and forget everything. My best guess is they kinda get zoned out in the world of what-ifs and whatnot. Lookout for them in the exam hall if you’re just too bored writing a damn paper and need to ease off your mind. They’re funny to watch and they’ll smile back too if you catch them in action.

4. The Chit cheats

These guys have a heart of steel and those sleazy moves that enables them to take the biggest risk of carrying chits into the exam hall and successfully copy answers from them. They are usually bullies and bad guys who don’t really know what they are doing and have a small mind that can only think of such evil deeds. Stay away from these people, they might just blame you for that fallen chit on the ground. Who knows?

5. The pen beggar

Some people just don’t want to buy a pen. They can easily afford it and everything but they just don’t get one even during the examination times! They’ll always ask you for a pen right before the exam and are always dependent on someone else. They don’t even spare the teacher sometimes! So, if you got that just-in-case extra pen to take care of yourself, never put it in your top pocket

6. The Godman

You’ll find them mostly in the first bench of the class or with a big ‘Teeka’ on their forehead every morning. They belong to those religious families and bring that same essence to the classroom. They just escalate to another level of worshipping during exam times praying hard right before the paper stars. They often write religious ‘good luck words ‘on the top of their answer sheets. What?

7. The Napper

There are people who study day and night for the exam in order to get good marks and then there are these who sleep in the class. You’ll most probably find them taking a long or a short nap by placing their head on the bench after writing the paper or just in between the exam because they’re simply too tired and haven’t got much sleep or just that they don’t know what to write and are simply waiting to get out of the hall!

8. The fast writer

You may think you are fast enough to complete the paper before given time but these guys, they’re like roadrunners. Just after about an hour or two, they’re done writing the entire paper and shout-out to the invigilator leaving you awestruck and making you feel so slow. I mean I’m just done with section A!

9. The poker

They are copiers too but usually are seated on sides or the very back bench. Every now and then they’ll poke you or call out your name silently and ask you the answers!

10. The Honest

Yes! They exist. They are the ones who are very decent and sophisticated. They never ever copy in the exam hall and are very silent. They never take their eyes off their paper and pass time. They wear a watch just to keep an eye of the time with respect to how much they have written. They’re often nerds and are not really that bad. But be cautious, the might get you caught by calling the teachers and telling all about your shady activities!

But still, there are so many different types of people in the exam hall you can spot and so many different behaviours out there. Tell us which you think we missed!

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10 Types of Students We Find in the Exam Hall

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