15 Reasons why FRIENDS is the Best Show Ever!

15 Reasons why FRIENDS is the Best Show Ever!


It goes without saying, it is the best show in the world having the highest TV ratings for 10 years straight.


It has a strong punch of comedy. Wait, not the cheap comedies and cheesy one liners. The whole 10-year-running show is a strong quintessence of how comedy should be with perfect proportion of humor, sarcasm, romance and simple one liners which’ll hit you with great impact and leave you breathless!


The sarcasm begins with Chandler Bing! Most of the dialogues of Chandler in the entire show are sarcasms!


Weirdness at its best! Phoebe Buffay is a bad-ass, shady free spirited woman, super animal lover who loves to sing and is often known as Regina Phalange at some places, it’s one of her secret identities.


Ross Geller, a paleontologist but also a dinosaur geek who worked in a museum and later as a professor speaking in a fake English accent and gets busted in front of the whole class.


Rachel Green played by Jennifer Aniston, the hot chick of the show is absolute brilliant with here beautifully groomed famous hairstyle and her best comic timing. She is one half of the classic love story in the show, Ross and Rachel! She’s somewhat materialistic and spoilt child of a rich dad but loved by all!


Monica Geller, the cook for all the guys on holidays to celebrate and a professional chef trying hard to control all of her disrespecting staff and failing badly is just a wonder to watch. Plus, the rivalry of the family between a her and real brother Ross Geller remains unchanged!


Joey Tribbiani, an ultimate womanizer but a little dumb and a struggling actor is a cherry on the top for us to watch!


The show awesomely depicts the pure love and care for each other between 6 friends living together in the beautiful city of New York.


The lovely brotherhood of Joey and Chandler who live together is just the best thing. It somewhat reflects the lifestyle of students living on their homes during their college life.


The character of the coffee shop owner ‘Gunther’ who secretly has a crush on Rachel and loves his work because he gets to stare at Rachel whenever he wants because most of the time they all are sitting in “Central Perk”.


The annoying girlfriend of Chandler Bing named Janice, whom everybody hates because of her extremely irritating voice and the way she speaks ‘Oh My God’ every time she comes to see them.


Monica and Chandler are the perfect ‘relationship goals’, only if you got one!


The guy across the building whom they never see in a single piece of cloth! The friends call him ‘The ugly naked guy’. He never really comes on the screen but is intelligently depicted throughout the just through his window which exposes him right across the street.


Being a super hit show of all time. It moreover teaches you the life lessons of love, friendship, independence and is a brilliant example of different types of humans and their nature beautifully filmed for a mesmerizing visual emotional experience.

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