10 Signs That Your House is Haunted

15 Signs That Your House is Haunted

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Don’t you sometimes naturally feel that’s someone is watching over you? That someone just entered the door or just the door opens itself no matter how much you shut it back. It throws you into a deep mind boggling state and a spine chilling condition to see and feel some not very normal things happening right in front of your eyes. Here you go with these 15 signs that’ll transform your doubts into a belief.

15 signs that shows Paranormal Presence in your House


Sometimes you see a shadow shaped like a man or a woman in your room but no one’s around.


You feel like your chest is very heavy like someone is sitting on you while you’re asleep when you wake up and when you go to the doctor he says everything’s fine.


You see something bad in your dream and just exactly that happens in your real life in the same week or just two or three days later.


The candle you lit keeps blowing out when there’s no such wind that’ll take it out.


When you’re alone or even with other people in the house, you see footsteps on the ground. Then when you ask all the members of the house about those unidentified footsteps nobody knows anything or seem to have formed those footmarks.


You hear somebody walking in the night all over your house and you clearly hear the footsteps and when you go to check if anyone’s there, you find the room or a place totally empty.


Sometimes when you’re alone in a room just lying around or doing your work, you hear somebody calling you by your name. You do everything to find out who’s calling you but you fail to find out every single time.


You see things falling without touching them. You might think at first that it may be due to some wind or something. But it happens again and again even in a calm, closed room.


Sometimes you hear whistling coming out of your room but there’s no one except you. Even when you sleep, that unexplained whistling is always there.


You often see the vision of someone who passed away from your family right before you sleep or in your dreams after you sleep and when you wake up you see the rocking chair rocking by itself like someone’s sitting on it but there’s no one at all.


You might notice that your pet dog or your pet cat behaving strangely. Like, dogs may bark at something that you cannot see. Often cat or a dog would not enter a certain room or a place they normally wander into easily without any hesitation


The feeling of being touched is a sign of a haunting too. You might feel like someone is touching you very gently like a feather. You may feel the weight on your one shoulder like someone is resting their heavy head on it and it weigh a lot.


Electrical equipment doesn’t really speak but in this case if there is a paranormal presence in the room, electricals might start working on their own. Equipments like Fan, TV etc. might switch on and off rapidly causing a hindering effect on your mind when you actually witness it.


Cold spots and hot spots. They are the key proof of the paranormal presence in your room. It’s like you’re in a room and when you walk across the room casually you feel a certain spot having warmer or cooler temperature than the rest of the areas.


One of the age old proof is that you hear some woman or man or a small child crying loudly as if something’s troubling him/ her. But when you go and inquire and look out for that person, you’re in vain.

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