5 Facts about Dumas Beach that will spook you off

5 Facts about Dumas Beach that will spook you out!

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Dumas is a place in Western region of India located in the city of Surat in Gujarat state. Dumas beach is believed to the third most haunted places in India. Here are some facts about Dumas beach that make it one of the most haunted places!

1. Dumas beach is third most haunted place of the country.

Dumas Graveyard - Dumas Beach Most Haunted Places

It has been third most haunted place in India for a long time now. Before some centuries, the beach was used as a burial ground. That cemetery is still found right along the beach for a stretch of about 500m. Locals believe that the beach is full of spirits of dead people.

2. Paranormal activities

Dumas Beach Top 10 Most Haunted Places of India

It’s believed that if you take a stroll on the beach at dead of night, you can often hear the people whispering when there is no on around you. Legends say that many people gave disappeared and never have been found yet.

3. Orbs


People have often wandered on the beach till very night just to find out the truth but no one has had their luck. Having our headquarters in Surat city itself, our team went out and carried out a little research. And we found presence of Orbs in the photos taken at Dumas at night. The orbs are said to be the proof of paranormal presence in that area.

4. Haveli

Dumas Haveli - Dumas Beach Most Haunted Places

It is the most beautiful Haveli in Surat. It was home to the King who ruled Surat and all of his commands were issued from here. Now the Haveli is a heritage site and stays there empty with no one around. Locals support the fact that this Haveli which was abandoned is haunted too and that is the sole reason no one is allowed to enter the Haveli premises.

5. Animals behaving strange

Dumas Beach Haunted

It is often believed that animals can find out paranormal presence before any human because they are believed to have a sixth sense. That is proved true in Dumas because of the barking of dogs and other animals on the beach are often seen howling at something invisible all in the same direction.

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