5 Things Your Dog Knows About You

5 Things Your Dog Knows About You

1. Your Departing/ Arriving time

It’s a fact that dogs can tell time. The legendary story of a dog named ‘Hachi’ who always waited to receive his owner at the train station at the same time for years is famous worldwide. They know that you’re about to go in the morning and they very well know that it’s about time for you to come home! They’re awesome time tellers! Even if you show up home out of your schedule, they know you’re coming by picking up the sounds you make!

2. They feel your feelings.

When you have a negative feeling towards someone or you just don’t like them, the dog can easily observe the change in your body language, your body stiffness, observe the pheromones your body emits. So when they bark at somebody or not tend to like someone, it’s because you don’t like them too!

3. You are unwell.

The know everything about your health status. They can be trained to sniff out the infections in you. Nowadays, many patients are getting a pet dog because dogs are able to sense the seizures before anyone and they can warn you if you are about to get one.

4. You’re in a bad mood.

Dogs are just the best. The can easily pick up your body language as well as emotional states. A study once proved that dogs can see your sadness or bad mood just by simply reading your facial expressions! Dogs often tend to care about the person who is sad or in need of empathy rather than a happy guy. Because they know you need it!

5. Babies are precious.

They know babies in your house are precious. Dogs often bark aggressively towards unknown people or relatives who try to approach the baby. Sometimes, dogs even attack the person (by mistake) who approaches the babies if they think baby is in a danger.

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