6 Facts about Bhangarh Fort that will keep you Up at Night

6 Facts about Bhangarh Fort that will keep you Up at Night

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Fort Bhangarh is an old fort built in 17th century by Man Singh I for his grandson Madho Singh. This fort is now a famous tourist attraction but there are so many things about this fort that will make you rethink your plans to visit this fort. Here are some facts about this Fort you should know before you visit there.

1. Doors are locked after twilight

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It’s a fact that no one is allowed in the fort after the darkness settles in. The locals of Bhangarh narrate many stories when the locals and some other travelers opted to stay the night at the fort but never came out of it. Government have imposed many sign boards strictly saying that one should not enter the fort at night. The main entrance is locked at night and only opens the next morning.

2. ‘The curse’ they say

Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan

The legend is that Bhangarh fort has a curse on it by Guru Balu Nath. The spot was a Samadhi spot for him but suddenly the king Man Singh decided to build a fort right at Guru Balu Nath’s Samadhi spot. The king persuaded Guru Bala Nath that the fort’s shadow will not touch him at his place and if it does, the whole village will be ruined. When the fort got built the shadow did touch him and the village was destroyed.

3. Roofless village

Indias Most Haunted Place Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan

Believe it or not, people living in the village nearby don’t have a rooftop on the homes. They say whenever they try to build a roof, it collapses.

4. Strange Happenings

Bhangarh at Night

There is a story of two guys who decided to stay the night at the fort but never came out in the morning. Also there is a similar story of a boy who decided to go in the fort with a light equipment and fell into a steep well in the middle of the fort. He was rescued by his two friends and was being rushed to the hospital when their car crashed and all of them died on the spot.

5. Supernatural Powers

Temple in Bhangarh

There are many temples in the same village and even there are temples located at the main gate of the fort that contradict with the idea that the fort possesses supernatural powers.

6. The ‘Stay Away’ notice

Notice Board by Government at Bhangarh

Well, it’s hard to judge about the paranormal happenings and stuff but when even the government tells you to ‘stay away’, there surely is something fishy! Yes, that’s right. There is an advisory from the Archaeological Survey Of India saying that the fort is a strictly prohibited area and will remain close after dusk. Trespassing is forbidden and whoever does, will have to face legal action.

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