6 Non Alcoholic Drinks for Non-Drinkers

6 Non Alcoholic Drinks for Non- Drinkers

Who doesn’t love parties? It’s an obvious fact that almost all of us are party lovers, love the discs, drinks and have had unforgettable hangovers, right? Well, not all of us.

There are also the other types of people who choose to live on the other side. They like peaceful places, they’re non drinkers. And you won’t believe this they’ve never had hangovers in like, forever! But they have cool friends too and when they go to some pub or a party, they cannot deny accompanying their friends but they don’t wanna drink either. So, what can they really order especially if they are non drinkers?

Here are the 6 best non alcoholic drinks for you to order at a bar for people who are kind enough to not let their buddies go alone but also want to keep the scale neutral by not drinking.

6 Non Alcoholic Drinks for Non Drinkers

There are cocktails that are alcoholic and super cool. Then there are virgin drinks called mocktails which are really cool too!

1. Virgin Lemon Mojito

Virgin Lemon Mojita

A soothing blend of lemon juice and mint! A classic of all time!

2. Ginger Ale

Ginger Ale

A mesmerizing treat containing enzymes and probiotics with a gingery taste and a little bit essence of mint!

3. Apple Juice

Apple Juice 6 Non Alcoholic Drinks for Non Drinkers

An apple juice a day here keeps all the troubles away! Most people sometimes tend to get in trouble when drunk. So, don’t get drunk and get high on apple juice with a tiny amount of citrus, cinnamon and honey!

4. Blueberry Lemonade

Blueberry Lemonade 6 Non Alcoholic Drinks for Non Drinkers

Lil’ bit of a catch over here. This drink includes gin really. But think about it though, a drink with a Soda instead of booze, lemon, mint and blueberries. What’s the hassle?

5. Virgin Margaritas

Virgin Margarita 6 Non Alcoholic Drinks for Non Drinkers

It’s a simplified version of a standard Margarita with a mix of squeezed lime, orange, lemon juices mixed all in a go served with a salt water coat on the rim of the glass beautifully accompanied by a lime wedge

6. Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary 6 Non Alcoholic Drinks for Non Drinkers

Last but not the least, The Virgin Mary. Just a regular ‘Bloody Mary’ without all the vodka really. Consisting of tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, black pepper, salt and celery. This is the one you must try if you’re a non drinker!

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6 Non Alcoholic Drinks for Non-Drinkers

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