6 Things That Happen To You When You Have A Short Term Memory Loss!

6 Things That Happen To You When You Have A Short Term Memory Loss!

We all know and agree that our brain is the most awesome organ of our body! It processes at the speed of light! The best thing about our brain is that it has an expanding memory! You can never say you’re full of storage and can’t remember a single thing more. It keeps on expanding its memory as you go memorizing! But sometimes, even the brain malfunctions and finds it hard to memorize life events due to some defects. One of those many defects is ‘Short term memory loss’. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. Here we bring you a list of 6 things that happen to a person having ‘short term memory loss’.


A person suffering from short term memory loss may struggle to find words during a conversation. The person tries hard and takes brief pauses in order to find the exact word that can describe the feelings or thoughts he’s trying to convey. The person may mix words during a conversation and end up making no sense at all.


Short term memory loss often disables a person to remember events that occurred in his life recently. The person may or may not remember a casual meeting with someone which happened just two days ago. The situation becomes progressively worse as they reach to a stage where they cannot even recall an event that passed just 15 minute ago.


Person with this type of memory disability may slowly start forgetting faces. Slowly the time comes when they cannot even recognize their family member by their name. It starts with calling somebody with a wrong name again and again and gradually increases to an extreme level where they fail to remember names at all.


Abrupt mood changes can be seen in the person with this kind of disability. Due to difficulty in thinking, remembering places, things, people, words and many other things the person get frustrated and gets angry sometimes. Many people who suffer this disability for a long time even get physically violent due to all the frustration the hold up in their mind.


The person who is suffering from such a mental disability may even forget to do his regular daily tasks such as forgetting bills, attend appointments, forget to take medications etc. Familiar items are misplaced by him and it becomes impossible to find a specific item again. Eventually it becomes ultimately tough for that person to maintain a daily routine making independent living impossible


When a person suffering from a short term memory loss forgets things, places or faces of people and his friends, a memory refreshment trick is used to bring his memory back just for a while. The trick is to take a photograph with the suffering person and make two copies. One will be kept with the person having the memory loss and on should be with you Whenever you meet the person again, the photograph copy is shown and he is asked to match his copy thus proving the fact that they have met before.

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