7 Things you Must Know about a Foodie

7 Things you Must Know about a Foodie

You know a person is a foodie when their whole life revolves around food. All they care about is Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Evening Breakfast, Dinner and occasional snacks in between. It’s not really hard to spot a foodie. They believe in living their life like a King, on a King Size Bed with a King Size Pizza. They are committed to food for life. There is a lot more that you might not know about a foodie, we have summed up some of the important things about foodie that you should know, take a look.

1. You are on their hate-list if you don’t eat much.

Foodies make friends while they eat (they never stop actually), if you are a person who is a light eater or who doesn’t eat much. Sorry mate, you are not the one for them.

2. They don’t have a favorite dish.

They can eat from thin salad to a fat hamburger, Palak Paneer to Butter Chicken, South Indian to Gujarati Thali, Sweet or Spicy. They love food, and they will never let Butter Chicken feel bad because of Palak Paneer.

3. From Zero Star to Seven Star, They go everywhere.

They don’t care if it’s a vadapav from a road-side thela or Cheese burst pizza. They will eat it. They would eat you, if you were food, or if they were cannibals, but never mind.

4. Not all foodies are great cooks.

‘If you love food, you might be a great cook as well” This is a myth. Loving food doesn’t mean that they love what they make. There is a fine line of difference between the love to eat and the love to cook. Foodies are Kings. They never serve, they are always served.

5. They never miss any function.

Foodies are way more social than any normal person. They attend parties, marriages, family gatherings, friend reunions just because there is food. Everyone enjoys good quality of food, and a place where you get unlimited food, is a heaven for foodies. It is known that in a marriage, only 5% people come to give blessings, whereas the other 95% are there for FOOD. In short, if you want a crowded marriage, start making foodie friends. NOW!

6. They are great at multi tasking.

Foodies spend most of the time eating different kinds of dishes, but they are normal humans as well. They have bills to pay, books to study and a job to earn and they watch TV as well. They eat and do these works together, like eating noodles and watching TV, eating apple as brunch during their job, eating banana chips during studies. Yeah, this is a new form of multi tasking.

7. Day Planning and Mood depends on FOOD!

They plan their whole day around food, they start planning for dinner when they are currently having their breakfast. ‘What are you going to do today?’ is not the correct question, ‘What and where are you going to eat today?’ is the perfect question. If you gave them something to eat, and it doesn’t taste well, then you are black listed for life. If their mood is bad, like sad or angry, Take them out and give them some chocolates or a cake. They will be in your debt forever, but they won’t pay it back.