8 Secret Tricks Shopping Malls use to Sell More!

8 Secret Tricks Shopping Malls use to Sell More!

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People often get hyped when they visit the mall. They are excited to see the mall flooded with colors and endless varieties of things of every single type they didn’t even know existed and they also often end up buying things they didn’t really need. If you don’t want to end up like a someone getting tricked to buy more than his needs, you need to have a glace at some following secret tricks malls use to trick you to buy more


The business of supermarkets solely depends on impulsive buys. Have you often seen chocolate bars, colorful attractive candies stocked at the checkout counters? Yeah damn right that’s a trick. They’re just there to trigger impulsive buys.


There is no single doubt that sizes of the shopping cart has grown bigger and bigger with time. Martin Lindstorm, a marketing consultant and an author of “Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Manipulate Us and Persuade Us to Buy More” said “We doubled the size of the carts as a test, and people bought 19% more.”


Often when a supermarket announces a discount on a specific product they have or any brand per say, people go there to buy only discounted items. But even un-discounted items are often placed strategically right next to the discounted items for you to make mistaken buys.


It Is very common really of people buying unwanted things or overspending their valuable money to an unlimited choices of product available with different labels with a little or no difference at all stacked in the same shelf but with a huge amount difference.


Every uniformed guy in the mall isn’t really an employee of the store. So whenever you catch one promoting a certain brand or a product, never be afraid to go straightaway and ask who they actually work for.


Supermarket people are extremely clever and know effects of senses on a person. Whenever you go through malls entering door you might have smelt baking bread or chicken roasting. These smell get you all salivating. And when you’re salivating, you’re not a good shopper really.


Supermarket often keep all the colorful and attractive candies at the lower shelves at which they are at a kids eye level so the children can see them even from far away and use all their pester powers on their parents to make them buy.


Be extremely cautious while buying ‘larger than life’ sizes of drinks you buy, just to make sure you don’t get habituated to always buy a big one even when you don’t really need it.

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