9 Healthier Alternatives of Maggi

9 Healthier alternatives of Maggi

2 min me abhi banaate, protein calcium se bhar aate. Thodi masti thoda pyaar, jhat se ho jaae taiyaar. Bhuk ki awaaz…Maggi Maggi Maggi!

If you were introduced by the rhyme of the jingle, the aroma of the cooked noodles and the taste of the masala as you read the above lines- You’re officially a Maggi fan. Nothing wrong about it, it’s just that, you may die.

Jokes apart, when Hamari Maggi was diagnosed with lead, there was a huge outcry in public. “Hamara 2 min waala saathi chala gaya!”, “That’s the only thing I could cook!”, “Ab hamara kya hoga!” etc etc.  To which, people missed out on a fact- Both India and Indians existed before Maggi. And yes, many of them weren’t dying of hunger either.

So, if Mera Maggi campaign hasn’t mesmerized you, here are some healthier alternatives to Maggi:

1. Sevaiyan

Sevaiyan 9 Healthier alternatives of Maggi

Do you have that cousin who went to MIT to do an MS in Computer Sciences? Well, this is his distant cousin who studied from Agra University. Sevaiyan is to Maggi, what that cousin is to Mr. Agra University. Sevaiyan have existed in the form of namkeen and kheer, and are eaten usually during Eid.

2. Chinese Bhel

Chinese Bhel 9 Healthier alternatives of Maggi

It isn’t a Chinese dish, to be particular. It was developed pretty much in India. The crunch is worth a brunch!

3. Chow mein

Chow Mein 9 Healthier alternatives of Maggi

Nothing compares this Indian version of the Mandarin dish. With Bahaut Saara cabbage and Soya sauce, hit the nearest Chinesewala for this one!

4. Bhel

Bhel 9 Healthier alternatives of Maggi

Also consumed in the form of Jhalamuri, this is the easiest make on the list. All you need are Mamraas (Puffed Rice), Chaat Masala, Onions, Potatoes and some Puris. It has the typical Gujarati balance of Tangy, Sweet and little bit Spicy taste. Originated in Bombay, it is one of the easiest available street foods in India.

5. Chaat

Chaat 9 Healthier alternatives of Maggi

A distant ‘Taste-Cousin’ to Bhel, the taste being offered is more or less the same. Except, that it comes in various variants of Dahi Papdi Chaat, Aloo Tikki  and some others.

6. Pani Puri

Pani Puri 9 Healthier alternatives of Maggi

Gujju NRI effect: Some people are selling Pani Puri which is made out of ‘Mineral Water’, at thrice the normal price. Also known as Golgappa in many Indian regions, it is a nice, cheap, easily available street delicacy. And if you’re Shahrukh Khan from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, you may have a little competition with Anushka Sharma too. Though having Anushka Sharma eating up Golgappa with her ‘Duck’ face, should be interesting.

7. Khichdi

Khichdi 9 Healthier alternatives of Maggi

Well, this one’s interesting. You get the old Daal & Chaawal variant on one hand, and the fast-friendly Sabut Daanaa one on the other. The latter one is obviously tangier and tastier.
Try other instant noodle brands. Nothing compares Maggi. Accepted. But look at the people trying to sell- on one hand you’ve Ranveer Singh and on the other a Baba! Yet, the good old taste of Maggi would be missed.

8. Poha

Poha 9 Healthier alternatives of Maggi

The great Indian breakfast! This thing has ruled the mornings and evenings, and sometimes unplanned nights of so many Indians, that it naturally comes up as the very next replacement.

9. Dhokla

Dhokla 9 Healthier alternatives of Maggi

Obviously. Hands down. Gujjus love it, their friends love it. Wait, but isn’t this about healthy replacements? Well, who cares when it’s tasty!

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Shardul Makwe
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9 Healthier Alternatives of Maggi

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