9 Things that Apple announced at WWDC 2016

9 Things that Apple announced at WWDC 2016

They say, good things make you wait. Well, the wait has been finally over for the Apple lovers at the Worldwide Conference (WWDC) 2016 when apple announced some major enhancement they’ll send flying to the Apple devices. Apple said they wanted their devices to be fun, easy and interesting.

Here we go:

1. Siri

The beautiful voice assistant of Apple since long obviously needed an upgrade this time! So, apple offered the Siri to the outside developers. Now you can easily do tasks of the third party apps like booking a taxi with voice commands.

2. iOS 10

It was natural that the iOS will receive an upgrade and it got just that! With the all new iOS 10, now users can have more control over the software with the biggest feature that lets you delete inbuilt apps from apple!

3. Apple Watch

Apple claims the upcoming watchOS 3 update is seven times faster than the previous versions with many additional features like handwriting support, dock feature, control centre and more.

4. Apple Pay

Now, Apple Pay on Safari! So, swiftly make your payments through Safari! Touch ID will be used as authentication from your phone or watch kicking out the use of Credit Cards.

5. New Apple Music

It’s redesigned from the scratch with some new sections like downloaded music and recently added songs.

6. The MacOS

OS X will now be MacOS, the apple’s desktop OS which will be called Sierra integrated with Siri, Apple Pay.

7. New iMessage

Now, Siri and iMessage get together with even more enhanced emojis and providing intelligent suggestions as you type!

8. Apple TV

With the new remote app, you can now control Apple TV with the app when the remote dies or you can just add your bro as a second player to the game you’re playing!

9. Quicktype Keyboard

Now, finally a keyboard with intelligent predictive text with the help of Siri to sculpt just the perfect reply for you!

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