An Open Letter to Women from a Nice Man

An Open Letter to Women from a Nice Man

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Hello ladies,

It has been around 5 years. This thing started poking me inside my head from the Delhi rape incident. All I read on the internet was Anti-men quotes and articles, suggesting hatred of women towards men. I was just a boy and now I have grown into a young man. I did not understand why because of 5 pervert bastards, the whole male community was into question. By this letter, I wish to clear some of your doubts.

You say, ‘All men think about is sex!’ Okay, Yes, we think about Sex, obviously we do, just like you do. But it’s not all we think about, we plan about future, job, money and we over think too, just like you! We are normal human beings and thinking about ‘Sex’ is normal. Thinking about it doesn’t make you a pervert or a rapist.

Once, I saw a beautiful girl passing by, I turned around to take a glance of her looks once again. At that time, all I thought was how someone can be so beautiful. She saw that I turned around to look at her once again. She thought I was some pervert who will chase her down and other crap. I looked away and didn’t turn around. I am not a pervert; I just admired her beauty and that too in my thoughts. Due to some men, women think all the men are rapists and sex addicts. Maybe all some of us want to do is appreciate you!

Here are some facts about men that I think you should know.

All the men have a soft side. They cry, over think, care about the people they are close to. They get hurt. They get angry. They also fall madly in love. And the most important one, they have a HEART too, Just like you!

We didn’t ask you to be weak or should think of us as a shelter. Be strong, protect yourself, work for yourself, Eat, sleep and be independent. There is no need for you to be narrow-minded like most of our elder generation. We are not asking you to consider yourself as a weak person who can’t compete with men. Don’t let the ‘Elder Generation Shit-worthy theory’ that says ‘Women should work in kitchen only’ judge you or your way of living. All we want is you to stop hating us for no reason.

We promise you that we will be by your side whenever you need us. Whenever a pervert teases you, beat the shit out of him; we will be by your side watching that shit-head bleed, and we expect the same from you, to be by our side, supporting and laughing with us. This is known as Equality, Ladies.

Lots of love,

A human that you currently hate for no reason

Sanjay Khubchandani
Loves Everything, except Humans.