Best Places to Do Things!

The Best Places to Do Things!

1. Keep a Wi-Fi router.

Put it on a flat desk or hang it on a high wall or maybe just even place it on a tall cupboard or a shelf somewhere at a central location of your house. It works best when elevated since it emits signals in all the directions giving you ample amount of bars to show on your device!

2. Solve Problems.

Well, it may sound a little bit weird but trust me if you need real solutions, shower’s the place you absolutely want to be! When you lather yourself and pamper yourself with a hot or cold water running over your body, it helps your mind wander which in turn boosts your creative thinking.

3. Keep an in-house plant.

You might have a plant in your home that’s all green and blossoming adding a mere touch to your room ambience. Well, you definitely have not given a thought to staple it in small boxy corners of your house such as your bathroom. Do it and see the wonders for yourself by breathing fresh air filtered by that plant exclusively for you!

4. Stash the ‘just in-case’ money.

Have you ever thought what if you lose your wallet someday or say, there’s a burglary at your home and you’re left with a no hard cash in hand at all? You can easily prepare for these kind of emergency situations by hiding some extra money in a stuffed animal in your house that’s no longer played with, say a teddy bear sitting top shelf of the showcase.

5. Hide during earthquake.

When an earthquake arrives, never stand under the hanging object, heavy shelves, electrical etc. Standing under the door frame though is an age old technique but nowadays in modern home, door frames are not that strong. Best thing to do is runout of the house into an open space where there are no object hanging on top of your head. Hiding under a strong table or any four legged object is advisable too.

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