Startup Expo Coalescence by BITS Pilani Goa is back

Coalescence’s Novatia: B-Plan competition is back!

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Ideas shape the course of history, and we are looking for those who are all set to make history. Those, whose innovation knows no bounds. Those who are willing to risk it all for the sake of an idea that can change millions of lives. BITS Pilani K.K. Birla Goa Campus announces Coalescence’16, Going Zero to One, in search for those who can make things happen. Like all its previous editions, Coalescence’16 will host a number of events that will serve as golden chances to showcase one’s entrepreneurial skills.


The world is slowly moving towards the start-up domain. Be it to rebel against the mainstream 9 to 5 routine, or to realize one’s dream of owning a successful business, the world of start-ups has received a lot of encouragement. India doesn’t seem to lag behind either. The recent years have seen a lot of scope for the start-up ecosystem to spread its boundaries in India.

Every now and then, B-plan competitions have proved to be great platforms for people to test their entrepreneurial talent. To ensure that the trend continues, Coalescence’16 will host the third edition of its very own B-plan competition, Novatia. The event is quite popular, with 200+ entries from top notch institutes like the IITs and the IIMs annually.

The competition takes place in three rounds. The top innovators get to present their ideas in front of a panel of experts from renowned industries. In the previous edition, the winners were awarded prizes worth 1,50,000 INR. With grander partners such as Kae Capital, Venture Studio, Ide-in Ventures and Forum Synergies, confirmed this year, Novatia will prove to be one of the best platforms for start-up enthusiasts. The finalists will be provided with a two-month long mentorship period. The registrations are open till 18thJune 2016. Register now at and get a chance to win prizes worth INR 2 lacs and seed funding up to INR 3 million!

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ACT, The Conference

An innovative mind can create a good idea. Or, a good idea can trigger a lot of innovative minds. The trigger of the right inspiration, is all that composes ACT. The conference is targeted at ensuring that every attendee gets the inspiration to innovate from the legends who have created history. The speakers are experts in their fields, and are capable of influencing the budding entrepreneurs to set their sails in the right direction. Some of the speakers from the past editions are:

  • Rahul Yadav (Co-founder,
  • Pawan Agrawal (CEO, Mumbai Dabbawalas)
  • Vijay Nair (Founder, Only Much Louder)
  • Kunal Shah (Founder, Freecharge)
  • Naveen and Jeetu (Actors, TVF Pitchers)
  • Hussain Zaidi (Investigative journalist, Author)
  • A Muruganantham (Founder, Jayshree Industries)
  • Taapsee Pannu (Bollywood Actress, Entrepreneur)
  • Rajat Kapoor (Actor, Director, Writer)
  • Alok Shetty (Founder, Bhumiputra)
  • Biswa Kalyan Rath (Engineer and Standup Comedian)
  • Sanjay Nath (Co-Founder, Blume Ventures)

Start-up expo is the first of its kind start-up exhibition that provides a platform to start-ups to exhibit their products in front of its potential customers. It serves as a meeting place of the best entrepreneurial talent of the country. The start-ups get to interact with and hire some of the best individuals who look out for new opportunities. The attendees also get to know about the latest advancements in the field of start-ups. A virtuous cycle thus sets up, showing the signs of a thriving ecosystem.

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Coalescence’16 will also have a wide variety of workshops to cater to the interests of the attendees. The workshops are very interesting and include diverse skills that are needed for running a successful start-up. The previous edition hosted four workshops out of which two hosted by Knolskape and 91springboard aimed at enhancing the ideation, business decision making and pitching skills.

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