FRIENDS themed Cafe opened in Kolkata!

Okay let’s face it, we always had that fantasy or a dream that what if one day we can live in Monica’s home with a purple door, only if we can hang out in that legendary café called Central Perk.

Well, say no more folks. Your dreams and fantasies about living the FRIENDS life has come to life for this first FRIENDS Café recently inaugurated in Kolkata offers exactly that!
‘But who has started this awesome café?’ you might ask. The legendary duo of a brother and a sister just like the duo of Ross and Monica named Aditya Bachawat and Mahima Bachawat has sculpted all our dreams into a real life sized café!

Here are the few snaps of the cool FRIENDS café!

FRIENDS themed Cafe opened in Kolkata!

Well, yeah it’s missing some infrastructure and everything like a proper Gunther’s table, that entrance door and the whole round-ish shape. But, don’t worry folks it has got you covered. The bro-sis duo was too flowing in the same fan-river with us and thought “if we cannot make an exact replica, why not put most of the things from the show in the café which will remind people everything about the show every single time they hop in?” and so they did just that by managing to put in things like:

That door from the Geller’s home!

Door FRIENDS themed Cafe opened in Kolkata!

Yeah, right! They have an exact replica of Monica’s home entrance door made it into one of the doors of the café. Sweet!

Then awe, the Phoebe’s cycle hanging on the wall! Hi there, Phoebe’s cycle! You finally have a story tied to your life like the furniture in Phoebe’s apartment. Cheers!

Phoebe Cycle FRIENDS themed Cafe opened in Kolkata!

Also Pat, the dog from the Joey’s house looks at you with love! Thanks to Ross, really.

Dog FRIENDS themed Cafe opened in Kolkata!

They have this replica of Central Perk logo too! Looks familiar, doesn’t it?

Logo FRIENDS themed Cafe opened in Kolkata!

Right out of the café, the mural of FRIENDS stays.

Mural FRIENDS themed Cafe opened in Kolkata!

Last but not the least. Everyone’s dream. This couch that makes our heart cry! I so want to be a part of it. The couch is the best thing at the café.

Couch FRIENDS themed Cafe opened in Kolkata!

People living in Kolkata, you’re just extremely lucky to have this awesome experience at your doorstep! Make sure you experience it at least once in your lifetime.

That’s all, folks!

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