Gujarati movie Thai Jashe leaked online!

Gujarati movie Thai Jashe leaked online!

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It happened again! The censor copy of Gujarati movie Thai Jashe leaked online and went viral! Pirated copy of Gujarati movie Thai Jashe was found circulating among the people in Gandhinagar. This happened second time in Gujarati cinema; previously Chhello Divas was leaked online. Production team was stunned by this news; the team has launched a complain in Cyber Cell, Crime branch (Gandhinagar) and the inquiry is already underway.

Ajay Patel, producer of Thai Jashe, said that he got the movie sectioned on 30th of May 2016, in censor board, and was allotted a certificate. After acquiring the certificate of tax exemption from tax department, the film was presented in theatres on 3rd June 2016. Each copy marked for Censor board was sent to Mumbai and Gandhinagar office for tax exemption. A copy with mark for censor board was found circulating on mobile devices and on the internet since last couple of days. The movie is suspected to be uploaded in Gandhinagar.

Good Gujarati films have now started hitting screens and when Gujarati cinema is again picking up the pace, piracy is surely causing the setbacks. Recently we heard about censor copy of Udta Punjab being leaked. And now same is happening with the growing Gujarati cinema as well. We wish, culprits get punished so that no one dares to release pirated version in future.

And before watching pirated version of the film, think about the sweat entire team has put in making the film. From shooting to editing to marketing, efforts of hundreds of people have gone into making this one film. We request our readers to avoid pirated versions. If you really want to watch the film, go and watch in theatres. That’s how Gujarati cinema will grow.

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