How to Choose a Company that Suits You!

How to Choose a Company that Suits You!

When thinking of applying for a job, even if you are thinking to start your own career or may be making a move to a new job, deciding which to choose is not always easy.

Whereas, getting a job offer and getting it in an MNC are two different things. Okay maybe if you’re getting too many job offers, you are really fortunate enough. But most of the times choosing a job or choosing from multiple offers becomes stressful. Jobs are still easier to get but mainly people find it an uphill battle to choose from many good offers! There are only few things which you need to evaluate before choosing any company to work with. Here we are actually talking about company not a job offers.

These are few tips on How would you choose a right company to work with. Okay! But first, let’s know the kinds and types of companies that exist in the market. We have listed some company types below. Check them out!

Company Types

  1. Startup
  2. Non-Profit/ Development Sector / NGOs
  3. SME/ Small/Mid-Sized Companies
  4. Larger Setups and MNC’s

Choosing a company type is completely your personal decision. Nobody can ever guide you what could be right for you even if you pay and ask Advisors. Because you know yourself best but for the dreamers and the people having undying passion to fulfill their dreams, sky is the limit

So, following listed are a few common questions which you should always ask your soul to evaluate just the right company for you.

1. Whether the job specification mentioned here will impact my next job.

2. Whether the culture will affect my mindset and my life goals.

3. Whether the pay is as sufficient as per my current potential and caliber or as much as I need it to be.

4. Whether the management’s behavior is kind and right?

5. Am I ready to give my 100 percent to this role?

6. Can I be a strength to this company or simply an employee with no recognition.

7. Will this job give me satisfaction?

8. Is it the Infrastructure that excites me?

9. Is it the job profile that excites me?

10. Is it the CTC/ Salary that excites me and motivates me?

11.Does the size of the company matter to me at all? If it does where do I need to be? Where do I even fit in? What do they need and what can I offer?

12. Will I able to get other jobs if ever I leave from here?

13. Will I be trapped if I get in here and forget all my dreams and ambitions?

14. Is management’s vision is exciting or just overtly hyped on Internet? Are they Performing already? Do they have the power to shine and face the worst as well?

15. Will I fit in the culture of the company? Or I will feel an alien.

16. Will I be able to commit to them for xyz period of time?

17. Will this make my career and direct me to the right path or break all my goals and ambitions?

18. Can I not multitask?

19. Am I getting to learn something from this?

20. Will the Manager/ Hiring Manager let me achieve tasks given or how will I be evaluated? Will I be supported or will I be used?

21 Will I be coached? Do I need coaching? Can I coach?

22. How do they evaluate success and failure?

23. How will I get the feedback?

24. How do they deliver information?

25. Is it the location that excites me?


Know that startups are normally newly established businesses. Startups are mainly run by any Individual who are graduates, undergraduates and even people from Top B schools who want to run their own businesses. Some startups are funded through Investors, Angels, VC’s, Friends, Relatives, Other Bigger setups, while some startups are self-funded. Startups are often run in partnerships and also proprietorship.

Evaluate and know that when you choose a startup know that here you won’t be given a smaller task at a bigger package. You may even have to do the work of an accountant, a bit of HR may be a bit of content writing work and may be just too many things. Don’t expect larger packages and lesser work. Long hours of work, business challenges, failures and successes will surely come and go. Work will always be more and by more, I mean responsibilities.

But the biggest plus point of a startup is that here, you will build a culture. You get to learn how company actually functions and struggles at each stage if it happens to grow.

SME’s / Small and mid-sized Organizations:

Small and Medium Sized companies often have employee strength more than 15, Here you can expect benefits like PF, ESIC, Medical and Healthcare benefits, Insurance, Gratuity as per norms of the government. Pay could be medium and satisfactory and as per market rates. Work will have lots of responsibilities. You’ll probably be assigned many tasks for a single person mostly people who could multitask. You get to lead teams and master leadership skills.

Large Size Companies and MNC’s:

Work is mostly divided. Larger setups do not need variety; they need specific tasks to be performed by specific skilled people. People here get to handle lesser responsibilities and designations are super fancy. Mostly People join brands and larger setups for all the benefits and feel there is a job security. However, benefits are good comparatively, but not all larger setups give all the benefits. Mostly people working in large companies feel that their job or career is secure and money is lucrative. Most companies work either 5 days a week or 2nd/4th or 1st/3rd Saturdays off. Here, you handle lesser responsibilities, depending on the job specs and company norms.

Non Profits:

Benefits will be as similar as you get in other corporates depending on the size and financial strength as of the company. However, non-profits keep pay-outs as lower as possible. One can opt this if one is passionate to work on social issues and causes. If one can make a difference and an impact the world for good, this the place for him/her. Non-profits actually do make a lot of money.

Choosing the company of your choice will never be an easy task however choosing which company to work with is always an individual’s personal decision and also depends on skills, qualifications adhered to job specifications companies ask for. You will only be able to choose among the offers that you either receive from companies directly or the companies that you send your applications to. There will be no magic, but total hard work.

Hope this article was helpful. Do share your feedback in comments.

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Dimple Khubchandani
Career transition expert. She sells skilled and talented people to companies. Has been on both the sides of table as an HR and a recruitment consultant . A mentor to startups. Dimple caters to almost all domains and from startups to fortune 500 companies pan India. Loves to write sometimes, adventurous, happy go lucky person who loves to travel and dance .

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How to Choose a Company that Suits You!

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