“I’m going to die”, the boy who texted his mom died in Orlando Shooting!

Im going to die the boy who texted his mom died in Orlando Shooting

The night of the Orlando shooting which took us all into the darkness of shock and awe but there’s always a light in the dark no matter what. This was the light of that club where a young boy named Eddie Justice was trapped inside a bathroom texting his mom out of sheer love when Omar Mateen charged in the club with guns and open fired. He may have been killed by that bullet but his love for his mom can never be killed by anyone.

The Police finally gave out the names of all the 49 people who were killed in that remorseless incident in Orlando that night.

Eddie Justice was inside the bathroom and was in state of extreme shock as he could clearly hear the shots being fired and the people crying on the outside. He didn’t know what to do. So he did just one little thing that proved his unending love to his mom and the world who saw it. He texted his beloved mom at the very last moment describing the events that were happening at the club and he was shot just minutes after that.

Here is the picture of the conversation between Eddie and his mom Mina Justice:

Eddie Justice Mina Justice Conversation Orlando Conversation 1

Eddie Justice Mina Justice Conversation Orlando Conversation

May the victims rest in peace.

(Note: Featured photo is representational. Featured Photo Courtesy | Message screenshot Courtesy)

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