Important life lessons we can learn from Mahabharata

Important life lessons we can learn from Mahabharata

1. Mind your lingo

Bad mouthing, not thinking before vomiting it out is the foundation of the disastrous epic ever in Indian history. Had Draupadi not lashed out those harsh words to Duryodhan as “Andhe ka beta andha”, chronicles would have been quite different. So always before speaking whether in anger or rash, give it a second thought always.

2. Plan up

Battle between the Pandavas and Kauravas, which took place for 13 days was executed under the strategy and wisdom of Krishna. If they had not followed the advice and instruction of Krishna of making a master plan before the event, the archives would have been different.

3. Success & Strength lies in Unity

Had the Five Pandvas had hostilities among themselves, they would  have not won. Because they were one soul and five bodies they won the war, so if you want to conquer the world unity is must.

4. Learning is never wasted

All what Pandavas or Kauravas learnt in their life before the tussle be it at Gurukul or during the exile reaped them well during the war as it taught them be humble (during exile) or respecting their elders (during Gurukul days) or physical strength (from their mentor) proved worthwhile. Attainment of life what Arjun gained from his friend, mentor and companion Krishna are the radicals of life for all of us.

5. Ignorance is bliss

Darwinism of “Survival of the fittest” well applies here as one who ignores many things in life, which are meant to be ignored, can survive and live happily. Everything in life cannot be taken to heart directly or gravely as did by the yodha Duryodhan. We all need to ignore many things in life and forget it as we cannot control other’s attitude ,so take up only the positive and ignore the negatives.

6. Danveer Karna

We all remember Karna as Danveer, as he is the paragon of doing religious givings, but we also remember him as close companion of Duryodhan. Though he was very brave and possessed a great character but due to his friendship with Kauravas he too earned disgrace, so bad company will always leave you with a stigma, whatsoever.

7. Addiction is disastrous

Addiction of any kind or form is always disastrous.Gambling was addiction of Kauravas and Pandvas, such was the addiction of Pandvas that they bet their beloved wife Draupadi also. So one should know in life when to put a full stop to a circumstances or any thing else.

8. Focus

Arjuna, one of the learned and brave Pandvas had such a focus in his work that can be exemplified by his archery where he was only one among all the students of Sage Dronacharya where he could hit the eye of the moving fish.

9. Do not judge a person by his position

Krishan was a Saarthi of Arjuna during the conflict for 13 days. Lord Krishna who is the supremacy of entire Universe. Gods bows to him, played the role of becoming a charioteer to Arjuna’s chariot. If we judge him according to his position as charioteer that would be quite unfair as the war was won by the Panadavas only by the wisdom of Krishna. So bottom line is position or work of any human should not imply to us of the intelligence or the wit of a person.

10. Pregnant Mothers should always live in the vicinity of positives.

What made me say this as Abhimanyu, son of Arjun and Subhadra, was termed at par (or even more) to the chivalry of his father. He had learnt about the Chakravyuh entry tactics during his stay in mother’s womb. Arjuna had narrated whole saga of Chakravyuh to his pregnant wife Subhadra, but since she went off to sleep, he could not complete the narrative, which made Abhimanyu cost his life during the onslaught. So pregnant moms learning for your little toddler starts ways too early, so always think, listen & speak positive.

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Important life lessons we can learn from Mahabharata

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