In conversation with Parle Patel

In conversation with Parle Patel

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Half British, half Indian and a full Gujju, Parle Patel runs a YouTube channel Planet Parle, which has over 34 thousand subscribers. Many of his videos have gone viral with views in lacs and shares in thousands. What does Parle do except vlogging? How did it all started? And what are his future plans? Check out excepts from our interview with Parle Patel to find out.

Tell us something about you.

I am a dangerous cocktail of two huge cultures. British and Indian Gujarati. My love for both is evident in my personality and being Parle is all about celebrating the good, laughing at the bad and fixing the ugly or at least trying to raise the profile of what needs fixing in society. Apart from what people may know me for, my YouTube videos and mad love for Raas Garba. I am a total creative working on a huge variety of projects ranging from fashion to mental health.

How did Planet Parle come into existence?

Planet Parle came into existence as I wanted a way to communicate my world to the wider world. But after some thinking I realized I am a part of this world so I’m really just on my own Planet! After quick branding I launched the channel which grew much much faster than I could have ever dreamed. Super humbled and thankful to supporters and God.

Tell us about your journey at Planet Parle.

It has truly been difficult keeping up but I’ve not stopped for too long as I feel I may begin to overthink and spiral into an unhealthy place. It’s been amazing to meet some truly inspiring souls from singers, radio presenters and also other entertainers. I dreamt of walking this path so I shall stay on it for as long as I can!

Parle PatelWhat are your future plans?

My future plans are to keep making YouTube videos as I truly love making them. And also hope to break into television and launch my music I’ve been producing. I’m all about change whilst not running away too far from the roots of Gujarati culture. So I’m most excited about releasing music. There are lots of new characters to come on planet parle and not all of them will be Gujarati so that is exciting too

You must be getting a lot of comments about your work. Do you remember any particular one?

The best praise I have got was when an old Dadaji praised me in New Jersey, USA, at an event called Chaalo Gujarat. He said he follows all sorts of Gujarati entertainers and said he had never ever seen a 1 man show with so many dynamics. He said his faith was restored for the next gen of Gujaratis. Another great comment was from a daughter with a mother suffering from cancer. She told me her mother smiled for the first time in 2 years. I was so so thrilled and humbled too!

What do you do apart from Planet Parle?

I am a creative! I work on a whole variety of creative projects that range from serious to silly! I believe in trying to help society overcome issues by discussing them and raising the profile of forgotten, ignored and unknown issues. Last year I worked with BBC Journalist Attika Choudhary on raising the profile of Depression the South Asian Community. Currently I’m at Cannes Film Festival as as a assistant producer and videographer for BBC World and Asian Culture Vulture!

What keeps you motivated?

A whole variety of things. I really enjoy what I do – so it doesn’t really always feel like work and without a doubt all the love and support that comes towards me. I feel so humbled and honored that people take time out of their days to write such meaningful and supportive comments or emails. I have a long list of dreams that I think I’m crazy enough to achieve, so with all the support, I stay motivated.

How do you tackle with negativity?

I tackle negativity by looking for creative starting points within the chunk of negativity. I usually find something to either laugh about or something that we can all improve on as humans. I like to try and look at the cup half full rather than half empty; besides an ardho paalo of desi cha seems to work just as well as a full cup!

Are you planning to settle in India in future?

I would love to make India a second home, but the truth is I love living in London too much to permanently settle there! Perhaps 6 months there and 6 here? I wouldn’t even mind coming to India to work for a couple of years as I love it so much! I’ve been lucky to have some experiences working out there already. I’m also a fake citizen i.e. OCI!

What do you love about Gujaratis the most?

I love our ability to laugh at ourselves and our enthusiasm for life. I think that in general we are fun people without being brash or overbearing. We’re like a private party – many people think we’re soft, quiet and Sidha Saada but once they step into a room full of us they are taken aback at how witty, fun and cheeky we truly are – Chhel Chabeela Gujarati!

Any special message for Gujaratis?

Our Gujarati culture is under attack, not from outsiders but from within our own people. These people control what ”Gujarati” culture is and what is allowed and what isn’t. Where some rules are good it is also important to break the rules and try something new! On top of this our own people don’t respect Gujarati as a medium enough. Just take a look at Tamils, Punjabis and Marathi’s they will opt for their own language, their own music and their own culture whenever possible. They have made this option suitable because they had added innovation to their culture and kept it alive. We must do the same. Don’t encourage your children or creative friends to aim for Bollywood when there is plenty of work to be done in Dhollywood. Don’t like the production values? Well change the game – besides Gujarati culture is in its renaissance now! There is no better and more exciting time to get creative with our beautiful bright and unique culture. All I’m saying is if Sanjay Leela Bhansali can creative a super hit like Ram Leela, using Gujarati culture as the backdrop, cultural theme and style then ”JARAK VICHAARO!!!” why are us Gujaratis not getting creative with whats on our doorstep?! Be Garvo Gujaratis and Garvi Gujaratans!

What do you think about BuddyBits?

I think its a great platform to learn more about what going on! Definitely a supporter of this great site.

Thanks a lot Parle. Team BuddyBits wishes you all the best for all your future endeavors.

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