Movie Review: Thai Jashe

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Movie Review Thai Jashe

90% of the time we watch movies, we feel “aisa to sirf films mai hi ho sakta hai!” Rare films are made on realistic scripts that are easy to digest. Recent Gujarati movie Thai Jashe is one of those rare films.

At times, you may feel monotonous while watching Thai Jashe. But that’s how our lives are too! Ain’t it? Made on a total realistic plot, story of Thai Jashe revolves around a middle class man trying to build his home in a bigger city.

Pranav Joshi, played by Malhar Thakkar, hails from a small village Jetpur and he wishes to live in a big city Ahmedabad since childhood. He finally comes to Ahmedabad for studies, gets a good job and settles in Ahmedabad. The movie narrates struggle of Pranav to buy his own apartment in the city. Each and every scene of the movie is realistic. From fetching new housing to visiting each and every bank to get a loan for the home, his struggle with his family and how things get off the track; Thai Jashe tells story of every middle class family.

The way this movie is directed by Nirav Barot is amazing. Casting of the movie couldn’t have been better! From Manoj Joshi to Malhar Thakkar, Monal Gajjar to Kumkum Das and Hemang Dave in supporting role; everyone has done a brilliant job! Malhar Thakkar has played opposite role from his last movie Chhello Divas. From a careless brat in his last movie to a sensible man in Thai Jashe, Malhar Thakkar amazes the audience. He is surely one of the best actors of Gujarati cinema.

Thai Jashe makes you smile, cry, angry and anxious. The way characters have put their feelings into the film is amazing. Couple of dull scenes in between the movie won’t matter when you’ll watch the end. Climax of the film will pour joy, hope and inspiration in you.


From background score to music, direction to cinematography, script to performances, everything just seems perfect. Thai Jashe is highly recommended from BuddyBits. Do not miss this one.

Special Request

Thai Jashe has been leaked online! BuddyBits requests Gujarati audience to watch this film in theatres and avoid pirated copies. Sweat and blood of hundreds of people have gone into making this film. Let’s encourage team Thai Jashe by avoiding pirated copy. Let’s help Gujarati cinema grow.

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