Now you can Prevent a Suicide with Facebook!

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Facebook is awesome! Everyone loves it. You can connect with your friends, see the happening from around the world, watch cat videos and hell, some even find their soulmates on Facebook. But now, Facebook got more awesome when it made this feature called ‘anti-suicide tool’ available in India.

Now you can Prevent a Suicide with Facebook!

This feature was available since 2015 in certain countries like US, Australia, New Zealand and UK but now India’s got it too! The anti-suicide feature was launched on Tuesday for the people who are struggling with self-injury and have suicidal thoughts.

Ankhi Das, Public Policy Director at Facebook India (South and Central Asia) in a statement said, ”We care deeply about the safety and well-being of the 148 million people in India who use Facebook to connect with the people who matter to them and recognise. There’s an opportunity with these tools and resources to connect someone who is struggling with a person they already have a relationship with.’

For such a noble activity in India, Facebook has tied up with foundations like ‘AASRA’ and Deepika Padukone’s ‘Live Love Laugh’. Deepika too expressed her views by saying “The rate of suicide among the youth in India is one of the highest in the world. We are happy to partner with Facebook in this suicide prevention initiative. It is especially important to reach out to young people out there who are feeling depressed and encourage them to reach out for help.”

Working of the tool

There a drop down menu from where you can report the doubtful posts that you think maybe related to suicidal thought or may show signs of a suicidal person. After you report those posts, the FB community will have a glance at it and will get back to you with the options listed below:

  • The ability to send a message directly to the friend. You’ll also get a message suggested by FB or you can just write your heart out.
  • If you are not comfortable communicating with them, the user will receive a confidential message saying ‘Someone who saw your post thinks you might be going through a difficult time. If you want support, we’d like to help.’
  • It will also offer the distressed person ways to contact other friends or helpline and access to tips and support
  • Vulnerable users will be encouraged to connect to the AASRA India helpline or the Live Love Laugh Foundation.

This is a big move from Facebook and we are thankful for the same. Hope this yield big results!

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