20 Pakalu Papito Tweets that will actually make you ROFL!

Pakalu Papito Tweets that will make you ROFL!

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Okay, so you know there are some of our friends that look like a homeless and ugly guy but when they’re with us, they make everybody laugh till their deaths? Well here’s the one upon the whole world tweeting all of his humour out in each and every single tweet! He is so awesome! His bio says ‘Started from the gas station and now we are here’ mocking the trending statement on social media that says ‘started from the bottom, now we are here’! People love him even though he just insults himself for fun! Perfect quintessence of ‘never judge a book by its cover’ Check out his best tweets yet!

1. In this tweet, he tells us what he has and what he doesn’t in the most easiest, trickiest and funniest way possible!

2. Ha ha Pakalu, truly said!

3. Lol Pakalu, you won’t need that. We already love you man with all of your amazing tweets!

4. Well played Pakalu, Well played.

5. Well, sometimes. Thanks for understanding.

6. True story BRO!

7. Hahaha Well, nobody knows yourself better than you!

8. Agreed.

9. Responsibility’s a bitch!

10. You’re damn funny man!

11. LMAO!

12. Relatable. LOL

13. Pakalu giving some pointers here about how to exercise on leg day.

14. We’ve all been there. We feel you bro!

15. Pakalu always wins!

16. Irony!

17. That moment!

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