Presenting Thuktu Gujarat: Gujarati spoof of Udta Punjab Trailer

Guys, you may or may not have enjoyed the movie Udta Punjab that was recently released after a long rail of controversies. But you just can’t afford to not like the awesome Gujarati spoof of the same movie.

Not long after the official release of the movie Udta Punjab, a YouTube channel named Ame aava j chhiye uploaded a damn funny Gujarati version spoof online. It’s a must watch video which is in Gujarati language that guarantees to tickle your rib. The uploaders have changed the audio and replaced the baseline which focuses on drugs with Masalo/ Maavo (Gutka) to make it sound weirdly funny! The movie scenes are cut and pasted here and it really is funny to see Shahid speaking in Gujarati and demanding Masalo everywhere! Aalia Bhatt looks so funny abusing in Gujarati like never seen before! The voices are so perfect that they exactly match he characters played on the screen. The facial expressions perfectly match the all the audio playing along and the timing is right just on point! The video does contain some adult things like use of abusive language and use of drugs but the video is extremely funny and apt. You can clearly hear abuses hurling but you don’t seem to mind really! The way the thing goes about Masalo is damn funny and any non- Guajarati who knows even a little bit about Maavo or Masalo can easily relate and have a laugh of his life!

Here, enjoy the video but make sure you first put your headphones on! Explicit content!

Watch Gujarati spoof of Udta Punjab trailer

(Video credits: Ame to aavaj chhiye)

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