Reasons to choose Startup over MNCReasons to choose Startup over MNC

Reasons to choose Startup over MNC

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Startups have become the new trend in India these days. Even actors and cricketers are supporting and ready to fund promising startups. Startup may even look like an overtly hyped word to a few. But actually, it is the biggest risk for those who have decided to give up their high paying jobs/ family Businesses or any other higher paying opportunities and have given in to pursue their dreams.

Great companies were never built in a day! Startups run from scratch. Ambitions cost you sleepless nights, self-doubt, failures, uncertainty, and 99 out of 100 people trying to push you down by saying that you are not doing it right. People try to tell you the degrees that you took aren’t worth your stupid dreams as they are just waste of time and money. It may even haunt you sometimes. It takes great courage to do something in a world full of negativity to remain positive all the time and work your asses off to sustain and survive in the extremely competitive market.

Not everyone joins startups. Well, most of them just can’t afford to join one. Kudos, to all who have been running it successfully and big thanks and again kudos, to those who have helped built startups a success. Thanks to you for choosing to work with us.

Whether you have recently graduated and looking to start your career or you are thinking to make a move to another company, job Offers from companies and startups in your inbox will always be there to make you fortunate and lead you towards destiny. Choosing a corporate job or a startup job is completely an Individuals personal decision.

But here are some reasons why you should choose working in a startup rather than an MNC:

1. Different Things

You will be able to provide a variety of things. And by variety, we mean you will be able to multi task and work on multiple things. Well multi-tasking is actually a myth you see, there’s one who can just perform a single task at a time. But in business multi-tasking means doing multiple things apart from things mentioned in your job specifications.
You will be able to learn more things whereas in an MNC, you will only be able to work at one skill of yours again and again. For example, in a startup you may have to do content writing, a bit of designing, may be coding a bit, some HR work, a bit of admin work and so on. You can master different skills at one places!

2. Recognition

You will be able to recognize your talent and skill. Since you will be working on multiple things, you will learn more about yourself too and also decide what can you do best! You will be able to evaluate yourself, to recognize what you are good at and what needs improvement. Your success, failures and performances will be directly mentored and supervised by the Founders/ Directors/ Innovators themselves! You’ll even get paid for the training you get for something you didn’t know in the first place! Though the amount will be lower than that of corporate job but then where do you get money to learn?

3. Life Skills

You will learn to be patient and learn to look at life more positively. You will be able to make it through life when you are at your worst since you will be working where you will be self-experimenting and be paid for it. What else one needs? The ups and downs will prepare you for life!

4. Functioning from Scratch and knowing the turmoil

You will learn how the company actually functions! You will learn building company cultures, business plans and implementation of those plans too! You’ll know the roots of everything in a company like how a sales teams work, what an accountant has to do, what compliance/legal issues a company face and many more things. You will know what are the difficulties an accountant, HR faces and everything and you’ll be able to direct yourself in the right direction. May be when you go in a corporate after working in a startup, you will get confidence to vouch for yourself since you will be multi-talented and all of your hidden skills will be recognized and put into practice there smoothly.

5. Amazing office culture

You will get to work with youngsters who are full of talent, ideas and enthusiasm. As they say, “Youth is not USELESS, Youth is USED LESS”, thus startups make a good use of youths and their young ideas! It may even be that your work may inspire someone! You also learn to work on your own talent and failure and also a one step ahead and when you succeed you can train others to do the same!

Some startups will even allow you to work in your night dress, shorts, high heels whatever. They done care what you wear. The want success which only comes through hard work.

6. Valued hard work and efforts

You’ll be able to learn the value of efforts and hard work till in real time when as a fresher you have just read words like effort and hard work. You will actually face these and experience it yourself and then you will be able to take accountability. You will be more responsible and take ownership of the things you do including your mistakes. You’ll even work on improving and correcting them. Things like these take a long time but working in a startup can teach you this in a lesser amount time! nothing in life beats experience, Things learnt with experience stay longer with us. Nothing is ever achieved without discipline and hard work.

Hope the article was helpful. Feel free to write us about the point you think we missed! We would like to know what you think.

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