Rohith Subrmaninan, 22 year old who traveled 29 States in 150 Days!

Rohith Subrmaninan, 22 year old who traveled 29 States in 150 Days!

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While we’re all stuck here in the same work routine having busy lives, a 22 year old Rohith Subrmaninan has overcome all the odds to do what he loves the most. One vacation when he was 13 and didn’t know what to do, he footed out the house and took a bus for small 3-day tour to an unknown destination. That’s when he knew he wanted to do just that for his whole life! Few years later he then set out for a journey of whooping 32,000 KM for up to 150 days covering over 29 states of India!

He was always dreamy! At the age of 19, he created a crowd funding platform to raise money for his dream to travel the entire country at a stretch and raised up to Rs.5 lakhs! He then set out from Chennai to pursue his dream finally to touch Chennai back again!

It all actually started when he came to know about a middle aged American man who had dreams of traveling and dong things flying in his head but he just couldn’t do anything because of his life limited him. Rohith decided he is not going to be like the American guy and decided he would tour the entire country!
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“After all in the end, you always regret the things you didn’t do.”

He set two basic rules for himself. First was to never stay in hotels no matter what and to always find people who were kind enough to let him live with them, and on days when he could not find a place to sleep, he’d sleep at a police station, bus stand, or a petrol pump. The other rule was that he will take any job available at places he visited to keep the journey going. So, he went to places, lived there for a while and earned bread and butter by doing jobs with the locals like fishing, selling tea, by bartending etc. and then set out again for a new destination, a new experience! He recalls how all the other children in school always wanted to be a doctor, engineer, pilot, but he always found happiness in the local jobs like selling tea and bartending rather than sitting in a cubical the whole day! When he stopped in Tamil Nadu, he worked there as an ice cream seller, at his Karnataka stop he was a tea seller, a bartender in Goa, farmer in Assam, and a mechanic in Punjab! “There is no stopping at all, riding and travel is all about freedom,” said Rohith Subramanian.

He expressed that he was thankful to his parent for being very supportive at every millisecond for his huge move in life and having an open mentality and believing that the real thing is when you step out and take on the wild world! He says it’s like a treasure to hear interesting stories, discover new places, meet new people, make new friends and stay with beautiful souled people!

He stated he’s just getting started and he has plans to tour Europe touring across the continent fueling his dream for the next couple of months.

We wish him all the best and await to hear his amazing heartfelt stories from around the world!
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“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life!”

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