Sleeping Twice a Day will Solve your Sleep Disorders!

Sleeping Twice a Day will Solve your Sleep Disorders!

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Do you ever get interrupted sleep and wake up in the middle of the night? It’s probably not the stress and depression, it may be your body rejecting your sleeping pattern!

Sleep experts, Dr. Melinda Jackson and Dr. Siobhan banks say that there is no fix time for humans to sleep. They never sleep at the exact same time every night. Bi-modal sleeping pattern was the favored one! People sleep for few hours after dark and then wake up and stay up till late doing random things. Now due to the social media, smartphones and everything has ruined the sleep patterns.

Earlier in the old times, people used to wake up not catching their phones in their hands and checking on the social networks, but they would wake up to cherish the beauty of their partners in the very morning that led them to have a great day ahead! But not everyone would do that. Some would do creative things like sewing, reading, chopping the wood or just plotting to kill a neighbor who had stolen their mangoes. Okay, maybe not. And when they got tired of working they’d sleep irrespective of time.

But the scenarios changed when the Europeans from 17th century having beautiful weather at night started sleeping through the entire night. Often in some modern societies, sleeping two times a day is perfectly fine! Like in Spain, people often sleep at noon and then have dinner at night around 11pm and then again stay late around 4am. Some bodies need a long sleep of 7 to 8 continuous hours, but some bodies are such that they need sleep in two intervals to work smoothly. It’s just that the bodies are biologically programmed that way!

Doctors say that there are some evidences for sleep disorders that prove that our bodies don’t actually want to sleep for 7 to 8 long hours continuously. Some bodies are programmed to take two short naps through the day. And of course, there are those who prefer both who need nap in the noon plus a long sleep at night!

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