10 Roadies Contestants who Made it Big

10 Roadies Contestants who Made it Big

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There were days when people had to struggle for years just to get into the showbiz. There were acting schools, years of theatre plays, acting as junior artists and everything. But times seem to have changed now and the fastest way to get into the showbiz is taking part in realities shows like Roadies. We have made a list here featuring those 10 Roadies contestants who made it to the big screen after the show!

10. Shubhi Mehta

Shubhi Mehta 10 Roadies Contestants who Made it Big
The Roadies 3 contestant Shubhi Mehta transcended to the big screen with her role in a big movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, ‘Chak De India’. She was also a TV actress in the show ‘Bairi Piya’.

9. Sahil Anand

Sahil Anand 10 Roadies Contestants who Made it Big

A Roadie from season 4, he has acted in the movie ‘Student of the year’ in small role but now coming up with a new movie ‘Babloo Happy Hai’ in a lead role and we are hoping he makes it big.

8. Shaleen Malhotra

Shaleen Malhotra 10 Roadies Contestants who Made it Big

He was a Roadies 4 contestant and was out before you know it. After that he went on to become a TV presenter, a VJ, an actor and acted in the shows Adaalat and Arjun and received nomination for the Best New Face at Indian telly Awards.

7. Ashutosh Kaushik

Ashutosh Kaushik Roadies who made it Big

The winner of Roadies 5. He participated in Big Boss 2 and bagged the crown there too! With his dimples and a crooked smile, he stole all the attention from the girls!

6. Ayaz Ahmed

Ayaz Ahmed 10 Roadies Contestants who made it Big

After starring in Roadies 5, he migrated to TV and became an actor. He acted in serials like ‘Do Dil Ek Jaan’, ‘Kaisi yeh Yaariyan’ and earned a lot of praise from the audiences!

5. Prince Narula

Prince Narula 10 Roadies Contestants who Made it Big

The guy in the headlines nowadays! He won Roadies, Splitsvilla and even Big boss. He showed us all that he means business and not here just to play!

4. Gurbani Judge (VJ Bani)

VJ Bani 10 Roadies Contestants who Made it Big

She was seen in Roadies 4 and was crowned as a runner up. She began her journey after exiting Roadies and went on to become a MTV India’s presenter and an awesome VJ known as VJ Bani and hung out with all the high rollers! She also acted in the movie ‘Aap Ka Suroor’.

3. Vishal Karwal

Vishal Karval 10 Roadies Contestants who Made it Big

After getting out of Roadies, he went to star in another reality show Splitsvilla and successfully made it to the end as the winner! He also migrated into acting in a lot of TV shows and was also seen another reality show Bigg Boss 6. Recently he acted in a movie 1920 London.

2. Rannvijay Singh

Ranvijay Singh 10 Roadies Contestants who Made it Big

Who doesn’t know him? He is everywhere! He has acted in movies, he is a host, presenter and much. After Roadies he has even become a gang leader in Roadies itself!

1. Ayushmann Khurrana

Ayushman Khurana 10 Roadies Contestants who Made it Big

This ultra-talented dude is loved by all. It’s astonishing to think that he shot to fame after the win of Roadies season 2. After that he just took off to show business to become a VJ, an actor, singer and has even hosted many TV shows like ‘India’s Got Talent’.

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