The Faded Dreams!

The Faded Dreams

Criticism is inversely proportional to how big your dream is. The dream to do ‘something difficult’ gets termed as ‘something impossible’ by the people and the dream gets faded with criticism within a moment. The dream of a person to invent something which can’t be imagined gets faded with criticism. Could someone imagine of inventing a bulb or a phone or a refrigerator? So why can’t you dream of doing it? The dream of a student who aims for AIR 1 in IIT JEE/ AIIMS gets faded with criticism. Doesn’t a student do it every year? So why can’t you dream of doing it?

I once read a story where two brothers, one aged 10 and the other one aged 6 were out in woods away from their village, playing, laughing and spending time together. Everything was going good till the elder one accidentally fell into a well. The small brother helpless, shouting for help realized that there was nobody else present except for a rope and a bucket which he immediately used and passed it to his brother in the well. The elder one, having no other choice sat on the bucket and to his surprise, the 6 years old kid started pulling him up.

And after some tiresome hours, the kid, who couldn’t even pull a bucket full of water up somehow, shouting, crying and yelling managed to get the big boy out. And when they returned to their village and narrated the whole incident, nobody believed them. Nobody except the oldest and wisest man and when people asked him the reason for believing a fake story, he simply said that, at the moment when the kid was pulling his brother up, there was nobody present to tell him that he cannot do it, there was nobody present to tell him that he is too small to pull a 10 years old boy, not even the kid himself. And this was the reason why the kid believed that he can do it, and he did do it.

It was just because of this belief in that kid and there wasn’t any other reason for this. But the sad thing is; sometimes, you yourself think that how stupid you can be to even dream of it. You don’t believe in yourself, you criticize yourself, you believe in them. And eventually, you become one of them. And never become one of them! They’ll never spare you.

For an instance, consider an old couple with a donkey going somewhere. If both of them sat on the back of the donkey, people will criticize them for overloading the poor animal. And if the man decides to sit alone on the donkey, people will criticize him for letting his wife walk and enjoying the ride all by himself. For the third case, if the man decides to let his wife sit, people will criticize him for leaving his helpless wife alone with the animal. And for the last case, if both of them decide to walk with no one at the back of the donkey, people will criticize them for being fools and not knowing how to utilize an animal.

In every case, they face nothing but people’s criticism. People will term you as a psychopath if you dream something different and difficult. The people in 1700s would definitely have criticized a guy in their own way like, “Why do you have to question about the apple falling down? Just eat the apple, can’t you? Why do you question about it?” They too must have termed this great scientist a psychopath at that time, or say crazy at least.

So do you have to be crazy? Yes, of course! Be crazy enough to dream of something beyond imagination. Because reality is wrong, dreams are for real. The people who are crazy enough to think of it are the ones who do it. If your dreams don’t scare you, if your dreams don’t make people laugh, if your dreams are not termed as impossible by people, your dreams are not big.

And coming to the first line of this article, it is completely incorrect. The criticism in fact, should be directly proportional to how big your dreams are. Because if that ‘big’ dream offends someone, dream ‘bigger’! Don’t let people control you. You are the one who should control yourself and your dreams. Don’t let them fade away. Never feel shy to share your dreams and always dream big.

(Featured Photo Courtesy | (C) Mareddy Sai Kiran)

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