This version of Kun Faya Kun just broke the internet!

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This version of Kun Faya Kun just broke the internet!

The awesome song ‘Kun Faya Kun’ which was sung by A.R Rehman and Mohit Chauhan in the movie Rockstar just escalated to a higher level when these students of Berklee college of music posted this mesmerizing video of them performing a cover version of the beautiful song with utter perfection and diligence that will make you feel strong right in the feels. This video performed at Symphony Hall in Boston was so beautiful that it went viral like a fire to a gasoline. The melody is just so perfect to the ears that it feels like they’re carving out a beautiful structure with their Raagas. It’s astonishing really how some students are from other countries and cultures and still the purity and clarity of their voices and pronunciation of Hindi words blending in with the Indian students is just the best thing!

Watch Kun Faya Kun performed by Berklee students

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