Tiffin Treat: Ghar ka Khaana now available outside too!

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Tiffin Treat Ghar ka Khaana now available outside too

What is the best food you can ever have? I call shotgun on ‘Mummy ka banaya hua ghar ka khaana’. Well, we all know and agree that there is no other food better and healthier than our very own ‘Ghar Ka Khana’. Okay you won’t really realize the importance if you’ve never ever lived without the precious ‘Ghar ka Khaana’, but many of us can relate!

This food startup named ‘Tiffin Treat’ from Surat gives you just what you need. An utterly delicious ‘Ghar ka Khanna’ is cooked at home and packed in an air-tight container and then shipped to the respective customers. Having tried myself, the food is totally home cooked and is so delicious that will make your taste glands wet! The packaging looks beautiful and strong with a plastic container with different sections for respective items in it just like the Gujarati style ‘Thaalis’! And there’s literally a lot of things in it!

Tiffin Treat Surat Best Home Food Tiffin Service

There are two varieties of vegetables for you, one is gravy and the other one is dry. Suit yourself! You get 5 chapattis, a small cup of pickle, a cup full of rice, Daal to go with the rice, a vegetable salad, a Farsaan (a Gujarati item) and a Sweet!

Tiffin Treat Surat Best Home Food Tiffin Service

I have tried all of these.. The founder Ketan Jariwala said “We believe to deliver exact experience to the customers as they get when they eat the food at home. The main aim is to provide just the best quality food with extreme cleanliness”. Co-founder and marketeer Nishit Jariwala expressed his memories and times of how he struggled for eating a proper diet back when he was pursuing engineering in Ahmedabad for four years away from home. That’s when he got the idea to settle this problem once and for all!

We thank you Tiffin Treat for providing a seamless source of home cooked Ghar ka khana for Team BuddyBits and all the people who are away from home or are alone in the house with nobody to cook for them in Surat. If you are in the same condition, just call or WhatsApp on 08980805858 and get the best food delivered right at your doorsteps!

(Featured Photo Courtesy: Digital Door Surat)

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